Monday, July 17, 2017

Minnesota Cops Shoot Legal Immigrant from Australia who is White

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Often enough the Lame Cherry has championed police when they come under attack for firing at people they confront, as much as this blog has exposed the criminal over reach in incidents as in LaVoy Finicum. There was an event in Minneapolis Minnesota which is another bloody mark upon American Police, in which one of their trained Mosaad shoot to kill, spray and pray, badge wearers actually shot and murdered a woman who called the police for protection at her home, as she was standing in her driveway.

There is absolutely no excuse for the police in this one, as they have the protection of a vehicle, and a woman no matter if she was reaching for cell phone or a tampon at 11 pm, does not warrant being executed on her property.

Justine Ruszczyk was at home on Saturday night when she called police to report a noise and a possible assault in a nearby alley in South Minneapolis, Minnesota.
When police arrived at her home at around 11.30pm, 'one officer fired their weapon, fatally striking the woman' as she reportedly stood in her driveway.

This becomes even more troubling in Mark Dayton Minnesota, in all police in the Twin Cities are mandated to wear body cams. The problem here was the officers had them, but they were not turned on.
There is absolutely no excuse for this, as the dispatcher has a feed, and every officer stopping a vehicle or investigating an incident must have that camera activated from a dispatch source.

The Lame Cherry is about to suggest some law enforcement advice, which should become a federal law, in if anyone calls the police, they STAY ON THE PHONE and officers responding to all calls are to comprehend that the caller will be on location, as they did phone the police.
A dispatcher should ALWAYS log what the caller is WEARING, and the location of the caller, so when police arrive, they are aware of the location of the civilians. This includes if the homeowner is armed, and that the police are under orders to NOT shoot the homeowner.

 This comes on the heals of another Minnesota homeowner, who had three burglars on his property, one was on his balcony, and when he went outside with his 45 caliber pistol, the driver tried to run the homeowner over, and the homeowner fired at the car, but hit the driver, killing the criminal attempted murderer. For this the homeowner was charged, convicted of a longer sentence than the criminals trying to rob and murder him.

The Mayor was asked why the police did not have their body cams recording and in typical leftist Minnesota she had no idea why her police state was out of control again. All of this is reckless homicide, and those involved in this murder, their commander, their police chief to the mayor all belong before a grand jury and indicted as America needs to return to PROTECT AND SERVE and not this DRAW AND FIRE which is murdering far too many people.

Personally, I think people are idiots for calling the police. They never arrive before the crime is complete as that is their way of staying alive and police hanging around somehow tends to make you the target of their interest. This Australian should have stayed inside, locked her doors, cuddled up with her fiance's 9 mm, turned up the television and let whatever Minnesota migrant 3rd world interaction run it's course, as in all American places, you stand a better chance of being shot by the police than you do by some criminal, if you reside in a normal location.

My assessment is this Aussie, was lost in culture and started gesturing and pulling at things, like LaVoy Finicum and some Quick Draw affirmative action type, got wound up as his buttons were pushed to pull the trigger.

Tom Gresham on Gun Talk had a very good public awareness segment two weeks ago on this very subject, because callers were stating they were stopped by police, informed them that they had concealed carry, and asked what they were to do WITH THEIR HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL. The officer ordered them to remove their ID, but when they moved THE OFFICERS HAND WENT TO THEIR WEAPON.

The astute Citizen, put their hands on the wheel and said, "Officer what do you want me to do, as I was reaching for my wallet. What should I do?"

Once the officer is refocused and tells you to produce your ID, you then repeat the command, I AM REACHING FOR MY WALLET, with one hand slowly, if you have CC, and for your sake do not reach anywhere near the gun EVER, but inform the officer first of every action, and get the OK from them.

If you ever see a cop reaching for his gun, you  FREEZE and do not move EVER.

Mr. Gresham stated he had on some fag pants where his wallet was on his right hip, and the gun was there too, so he informed the officer, he had stupid pants on, could not get the wallet out and that the firearm was in the same location, and he requested to get out of the vehicle to obtain the wallet, but again waited for the officer and the commands and repeated them so the officer knew what was taking place.

So you understand this, a cop is not a cop to help you. They are in that job so they don't get speeding tickets and they enjoy being in a group of armed people in control. Once you understand that, you understand that a cop has the power and right to put bullets in you, and that the bias is on you as the cop is always right, and will not be proven wrong,  until you are buried for a few months.

Then again it is not such a great walk about down under either for police violence.

The world is not Sheriff Andy Taylor at Mayberry any more and in fact it never was.

Almost half of people shot dead by Australian police were mentally ill