Monday, July 17, 2017

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton now using Somali Terrorists to Murder Americans

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well apparently White People are not getting out of Minnesota fast enough, so Governor Mark Dayton his having his Islamic warlords in Minneapolis murder all of the Whites. Do not be alarmed though, as it is all legal, as the warlords are all wearing Minnesota police uniforms.


Minnesota Governor Tells Residents To Leave The State If They ...

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton caused outraged when he told residents that he does not have a problem with Syrian refugees being placed in his state. According to Dayton ...

It's ok though as the murdering Somalian contacted the family and offered his condolences. I am quite certain the family really enjoyed having their grief invaded by the murderer.

Minnesota police officer who shot, killed Australian woman ...

The Minnesota police officer who fatally shot an Australian woman Saturday night has offered his condolences to her family.

Yes the true calling of this Muslim from Somalia was law enforcement, he has stated. Apparently Somalian protect and serve is more like Blackhawk Down, in murdering Whites and dragging them through the streets than Andy Griffith in Mayberry.

MINNEAPOLIS - The Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed a woman who called 911 has been identified by the attorney who is representing him.
According to Tom Plunkett, the officer has been identified as Mohamed Noor. Plunkett said his client feels badly for the family of Justine Damond.
In a statement, Plunkett said Noor came to the United States at a young age and considers being a police officer a calling.
"He joined the police force to serve the community and to protect the people he serves," the statement reads.
I know for certain that the Police, the Mayors office and the media in Minneapolis are involved in a cover up, as I was reviewing a live feed from WCCO CBS in the 10 o'clock report, which the Mayor and Police stated there was not any footage of this incident, as the body cams were not on, and the car cam revealed nothing.

What the Truth is, is that the murdered Australian woman, had phoned 911. She was then in her driveway, in pajamas, with a cell phone in her hand, following exactly what a Citizen is supposed to do in waiting for police.
The two officers rolled up in the car, never left the car, meaning  the cam in the car which also records sound would have picked up the incident.
The incident which took place was the murdered woman, was not making any threatening moves on her own property in pajamas with a cell phone in her hand, and as the driving officer opened the door, the Muslim terrorist shot across his partner, which violates all protocols, and murdered the Australian woman.

According to police sources, Noor shot across his partner and out the window of the squad car, striking Damond. When Noor opened fire, his partner was "stunned," according to the source. 

Needless to say, having your eardrums exploded by muzzle blast by your Somalia warlord partner, would of course stun any human, as there are several hundred pounds of muzzle energy hitting a human and the muzzle flash is blinding.

This was not American violence as the dead Australian woman's son was ranting against. This is third world violence, which the Lame Cherry exposed was begun in Minnesota under Lutheran Social Services and Republican Governor Arnie Carlson. It has become now an epidemic under Barack Hussein Obama, and Governor Mark Dayton, and not being rectified by President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions as they have signed onto this terror import scheme.

If you remember a few months ago, Mark Dayton in racism could not scream loudly enough about racism with that Castille Afroid was shot while reaching for a gun, but you will notice when a Mark Dayton African Muslim terrorist from Somalia murders a White woman at her home, that Mark Dayton is silent.
Last time Dayton spouted off about police racism, it caused the assault and murder of Police in Texas.

So in review of this, we had a rookie White Police Officer in Matthew Harrity, a good Irish boy talking to an Australian woman in her pajamas in her driveway, and a Somalian warlord murders her, and almost murders the White Officer too.

If justice were to be done, Attorney General Jeff Sessions would have the US Attorney convening a Grand Jury in Minneapolis to indict Governor Mark Dayton, the Mayor, the Chief of Police, Lutheran Social Services and Mohamed Noor on first degree murder charges. The problem is though Jeff Sessions is involved in assailing the Bundy Patriots in Nevada and his boss is too busy taking Saudi terror money for his Trumpenfuror to begin saving Americans from the genocide being unleashed on them.

This was and is murder.