Friday, July 14, 2017

No More Running From the Facts of Life

There ain't no cavalry gonna come riding over the hill to save your ass this time. Rich and poor, you are all gonna get it, as America is auditioning for the maggots and the worms.
.......and when America goes, the rest of the world can turn the sun's lights out as there ain't gonna be no tomorrow to get up to.

Welcome to the brier patch.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Has not the Lame Cherry warned you of the American Genocide, and that the leadership in America are traitors working with the deep state, because they want you despondent, acting out so martial law will be enacted and leaving you exposed so you will be dead?

Here is the proof in the headlines today.

Dimon says 'bad policies' stalling economic growth...
Retail sales fall AGAIN...
Monthly Federal Spending Tops $400B for First Time...

Now mark this by the Government of Finland, which is preparing for the coming Donald Trump war with Russia, as Finland is PROTECTING HER CITIZENS FOR SURVIVAL.

Beneath Helsinki, Finns Prepare for Russian Threat...

Vast network of tunnels and shelters...

Each you have got to stop repeating the Sean Hannity mind conditioning about "stupid politicians" or Sunprancer at Cuckservitude Treehouse in cheering everything Trump as great, BECAUSE THIS IS DELIBERATE IN WHAT IS NOT BEING DONE to save each of you from what is being initiated.

Mike Pence can certainly run his coup against President Trump, in he has set up his own presidency now, in hiring a Chief of Staff. That is deliberate and part of Pence's plan all along in this Obama Clinton Bush deep state conspiracy.



Mike Pence is in violation of the Constitution, as nowhere does it allow the Vice President to assemble his own mini regime. There is not one point in Pence being allowed a staff in the Constitution.

For those who do not like the reality, the Lame Cherry is not the problem. The PROBLEM is the President in being a Jefferson Davis, in breaking bread with foreigners and the nation rapists inside America, instead of being an Andrew Jackson in protecting his Presidency, arming the public, and calling on an armed march on Washington DC and every capital to secure the 50 States for Americans, with full cooperation with the Federal Marshals, FBI and National Guard to enforce this, as Donald Trump arrests this entire coup plotting mob from John McCain, to James Comey to those talking heads all through media.

Donald Trump is either feckless or is the pied piper like George W. Bush suckering the right to accept the Clinton Obama fascism.

None of us can do a thing about this, or the police state will arrest or execute anyone who acts out. This has to come from Donald Trump giving the orders, and Mr. Trump fiddles while America prepares to burn in a nuclear glow.

None of this is secret in preparing, as the Lame Cherry advocated all of his in 2016 and Finland is protecting her People, just like Russia is protecting her People. Yet in America, Americans are being exposed to nuclear poisoning, the keeping of rationed death Obamacare, and the absolute irrevocably smashing what is left of the American economy in keeping these massive Obama tax confiscations bleeding every American dry.

The only leadership coming out of Washington is from the deep state bunker, and Mike Pence deliberately derailed with McConnell and Ryan all the legislative promises of Donald Trump to Americans. There will be no recovery, there will be no health care, there will be no survival, because when nuclear war comes, the minions of the cartel in DC left all of you above ground to bleed out of your asses to death form nuclear radiation poisoning.

That is the reality, and if Donald Trump was a leader, he would arrest Mike Pence, 80% of the judiciary, and 95% of Congress on treason charges, put pretty girls in uniforms as news readers and set this country on a stable path again, because what is being sown is instability and the time for fixing this has passed. What follows now is national oblivion. The Finns can see the future and are preparing to survive nuclear war with Russia. The American leadership though is preparing to allow to die it's nation of bleaters.

The handwriting is on the wall.

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