Friday, July 14, 2017

An English Heads Up

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The fall out over the Russian hacking in proof of the collusion between image Obama and the British intelligence community spying on Donald Trump, by Theresa May, have been in plain sight but no one has noticed.

At the G 20, May was in the second row and almost vanished.

Donald Trump said absolutely nothing to Theresa May and ignored her.

Odd for such a cozy special relationship between London and DC.

Then Mr. Trump cancelled a Royal welcome for him in England, which the President has been adamant about. There has been a row brewing in this, since the Queen neglected Mr. Trump, and has instead been inviting in those Spaniards in trying to keep up appearance.

Everything in this points to the fact that President Trump has cooled the relationship with the fraud British, who have sabotaged Brexit, and were the operating factor in the spying on and smearing of Donald Trump. The British regime attempted to overthrow the American elections for Hillary Clinton.

President Donald Trump is absolutely frosty with Theresa May. May is now in deep trouble after being handpicked by the Queen and forcing out Brexit protagonists. The reason May is in trouble is her part in botching the Russian smear of Donald Trump, and Donald Trump knows this and is not about to deal with the descendants of King George who abused Americans again in the political process.

There are absolute reasons that Donald Trump is now allied with Germany and France, and that is because it was the British who created Pissgate to destroy Donald Trump, with the traitors of John McCain, John  Brennan, James Comey, Hillary Clinton  and everything thing Obama.

This story needs to be versed, as protecting the British scoundrels and then allying with those two fags in Merkel and Macron, is the last thing the United States needs or wants in another world war.

Frankly, the policy the United States should embark upon is ridding itself of western Europe. Allying with Russia. Announce the annexation of the Texas territories of Northern Mexico, annex western Canada, and then deport the refuse south of the American territories beyond the Rio Grande.

That is the explanation of the chill in Thames relations.

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