Thursday, July 13, 2017

Paying a Billionaire to Spend Your Money

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John Adams when he railed against usury in America, or charging people interest to use their own money by the Shylockes never conceived a world where the Citizen would be paid nothing for their money in the bank, while a Federal Reserve his charging them for that money.

The reason I look at this scheme of cheap money laundered in sweetheart loans to Amazon type conglomerates for highway robbery in bubble inflated stock prices is I received a notice from Discover card informing me that if I put 15,000 dollars into their saving's accounts I would earn 5 times what globalist banks like Chase Manhattan was paying out.

I remember the interest people used to make under President Ronald Reagan, as the old people from the east coast were wintering in Florida on that interest and the nation was prospering in a productive economic balance. In this day and age though, a person who has 15,000 dollars in a bank saving's account is paid 1.50 a year in interest.
In Reagan's day the interest would have been closer to 1500 dollars and that is why the snowbirds could retire to a good life.

Discover though has been paying 5 times the 1.50 so they pay 7.50 a year. Granted the statistics show that most Americans do not have 500 dollars after the Obama regime to pay emergency bills, so the people with 15,000 dollars are few and far in between, and that is due to the fact that money has been concentrated under Obama to the feudal few in this socio conglomerate complex which rules America in a national socialist state, where the regime taxes to steal money, and then sets rules that the money only is distributed to regime contractos who pay lobbyists and politicians to write the rules in their favor.

Back when 15,000 dollars was worth 15,000 dollars the people with passbook savings accounts earned more than even Discover's 7.50 a year in usury, as never before in history have the people been so fleeced in an economic piracy scam as America and the world is enslaved by.

I just thought I would share that insight of how bad the country is existing in, in this economic piracy, yet you will not hear one word of this from the right or the left in media, nor from the economists, because they are all getting their 30 pieces of silver and stealing from the poor across the world.

I was just thinking if I could borrow 1 million dollars, and pay that Chase Manhattan rate, that would be 10,000 dollars a year in interest, which I could use the million dollars to service or actually hire out a Mexican to mow lawns in slave wages to get my 10,000 dollar cut, and then for the next 20 years spend 50,000 a year to live like a king. I could go bankrupt in the end, but have 20 wonderful years living like all you rich people.

The thing is, that is exactly what Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are doing.

I though am an honest Christian and desire for a fair interest rate where people can be paid for their deposited labor, instead of Wall Street Stocks and Chicom Bond sales being paid trillions from the bones of Americans to service that debt.

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