Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Confederate Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As with all things Lame Cherry, once they are posted here, the myriad of lurkers who whisper in the halls of power of such things of note, can not help but speak of things on this blog, and in a few days to a few weeks, the information here begins to be repeated as other peoples revelations.

This revelation is on who Donald Trump really is as President, and it begins with the manifestation that Mr. Trump was quite bully in the campaign in Theodore Roosevelt, but what manifested instead was that Mr. Trump was too low energy to accomplish the grand works of Theodore Roosevelt, and who then became the image of Donald Trump, was Andrew Jackson.
Mr. Trump though revealed that he was too timid to become a leader like Andrew Jackson, and being a Donald Trump who is timid while tromping around with a big stick whacking everything, and incapable of finishing a project, the weakness of Donald Trump has settled him into the mode of one of the premier American Presidents who failed, but this is a President that none of you will ever consider, due to the fact that you are ignorant of American Presidents in their governance and rule, in the President who is the mirror image of President Donald Trump of these United States of America, is President Jefferson Davis of those Confederate States of America.

In historical reality, Mr. Trump and Mr. Davis are mirror images of each other in personality. Both are charming gentlemen, with fiery outbursts. Both are immovable when it comes to petty slights. Both were and are controlled by political intrigue which made them weak, as they claimed to be strong leaders, and both were incapable of leading their nations through the swamp, as both by their own prejudices of the inferior people they surrounded themselves with, became vassals to the intrigue.
Making bold Sumpter and Syrian moves, while dining on beautiful condiments with promises then to Jefferson Davis from England and France as Donald Trump believed the promises of China and England, has left both men losing every front arrayed against them.

The sad fact is that dictator Abraham Lincoln had sense in his precarious position to accept help from Mother Russia in the Russian fleet sailed to block French and British warships against America, but Donald Trump and Jefferson Davis, both chose the incorrect succor to liberate their people from the moneyed interests of New York and Europe.

None of this is to degrade President Jefferson Davis, because he was a fine gentleman and a splendid leader, as much as politician as Donald Trump is. The problem for Jefferson Davis was, he had a divided nation as Donald Trump does, and Mr. Davis inherited his prejudices as much as the established political and military hierarchy which was filled with subordinates who were incapable of the task of victory.
Braxton Bragg is every bit the image of HR McMaster and both were and are too invested in their own psyche. Both the Confederate and American Vice Presidents were strong and moving on courses of their own intrigue in eroding their weak masters. The difference is that with a dictator as Abraham Lincoln, he had enough time to weed out the incompetent until a caustic cancer like General Grant and General Sherman arose to the dirty work, whereas Jefferson Davis was hemmed in by the Machiavellian Mob as much as Donald Trump, and those who had the insight to take the decisive actions to rescue their cause for the American People were forced out and marginalized, so no rescue could arise.

Such instances have proven in history that dictators arise in such upheaval, and if it is not the political then a military despot will arise. The South in squandering her opportunities under Jefferson Davis, resorted in death throws to appoint General Robert E. Lee as dictator, but Lee was not up to the job of taking the steps to win a reprieve, and the North had in General Grant the butcher necessary to implement Abraham Lincoln's scorched earth, for when peace was offered, Lincoln demurred to peace and Grant chose to grind the bones of the South to paste to pave his military boulevards to victory.

So in this America needed a spirit of Teddy Roosevelt to complete tasks beyond Congress and got instead Donald Trump with 435 terminal tumors in Congress on his Presidency. America needed the decisive warlord in Andrew Jackson, but instead discovered a Donald Trump making war on his Right and on his allies in Moscow, as he bartered away the American Soul for Kushner, neocon and deep state promises.

I fear the headlines of the future will bring the same smears against Donald Trump as against Jefferson Davis, who was published dressed as a woman fleeing for her life. The same will follow for Donald Trump as this is the image which President Trump has fallen into. It simply is the reality and is what it is and will have to be dealt with, as the remnants will suffer the self serving plots and plans of mice and men.

The person who leads the United States is the spirit of Jefferson Davis of the Confederate States of America. This Donald Trump, the Confederate leader from the side.

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