Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Beautiful Chocolate Cake Policy with Curry Sauce

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Americans are in the process of learning what it entails to cheer Donald Trump as his foreign policy conducted by Chicom bribes to the Kushners is a beautiful chocolate cake of Ivanka bombs reigning down on Syrians as her father cocks off in front of Dictator Xi of China, in Xi promising help in North Korea and Democrat Don promises chunks of America for Chicom cash.

While all of you have been focused on President Kim Jong Un of North Korea and the Sea of Japan, with the Chicoms threatening US warships in  the China Sea, that Peking has been progressing it's primary policy in Asia, and it is all in order due to Ivanka Brand policy.

See most of you would not recognize the place on the map of Bhutan. I would suggest Tibet, but Tibet has disappeared as Chinese communists invaded and annexed that sovereign nation, and it is all China now, and there is one little thing in the way of the complete Peking policy, and that is Bhutan, an armyless bit of mountains that is the last thing between China and all of Sub Asia.

Here, let the Lame Cherry educate you on what Trump beautiful chocolate cake policy is about to waste 1.8 billion people on, including a number of Americans.

On the left on the map as you look at India, you have the monstrous mountains of India, which do not make invasion points healthy. Then there are the Stans, with America in Afghanistan in the Khyber Pass, which is alot of Muslim and not worth the expenditure.
So, on the left there is Indochina, alot of rough country and jungles. You remember Vietnam and the British remember Burma on the left bank and that just is nothing but more reversals of fortunes.


That leaves the middle in Bangladesh, a flat low land that little Chinamen feet can run to the Bay of Bengal, with a nice river in the back and Indians in the front who are worthless as fighters. The one obstacle though is Bhutan, that choke point in rough ground, but once China gets a road through there, it all splits south Asia in two, and guess where China is building a road through as Donald Trump fell for the North Korean diversion by Peking.

The nice part about this is China is bitch slapping India in the process, in reducing Indian bunkers, as the Xi road through Bhutan is Peking Progress.

As tension escalates between Indian Army and Chinese People’s Liberation Army along the border in the tiny Himalayan state of Sikkim, sources have recently stated that China wants to build a 12-km-long motorable road till a tri-junction point near Doka La general area in Sikkim.
The genesis of the latest face-off is linked to Doka La (Donglang), a narrow but strategically important tri-junction of India (Sikkim), China (Tibet) and Bhutan. India and China share a 220-km-long border in Sikkim.
Highly-placed government sources said that the first reports of Chinese military raising objection came in on May 18.
On June 8, the Chinese soldiers destroyed an unmanned Indian bunker in Doka La. India rebuilt it after protesting.

The thing is India has been showing up with troops in running of Chicom construction workers off their machines, but China keeps showing up as beautiful chocolate cake sort of keeps America busy in North Korea and India is only a threat if America figures the game out and shows up in India.

See in the game of annexation, once you get the factories in Carolina, the troops are sure to follow, along with the Chinese visa card workers. Put the road in Bhutan and you have Chinese troops protecting that road, that goes to Bangladesh, and all that open country with a vermin population that paddy walks to whatever it is ordered to do like an ox to the yoke.


As the map then expands, India is defeated or brushed back to Chicom domination. Peking then annexes all of Indochina, on this side of the Vietnamese mountains. China then has South China and the southeast Indian Ocean. That translates to all that oil making China energy rich and all of that mineral wealth in North Korea and Indian mountains making Peking the 22nd century global power.

Think of it in the balance scales. The Kushners get a few million and Ivanka gets slave labor for her shoes, and Donald Trump gets led around by Neocons who want war which defeats America by odds in Asia, and ushers in the Chinese century.
Not much of a deal, not very artful, and a complete disaster for American hegemony, but Ivanka teaches her baby's masters to sing in Chinese and and they can be nice Jew tokens for Peking proving they are not anti semite, at least until Peking decides to eat them.

Any way, that is Global Chess. As one can assess the Kushner's are incompetent at the game and suffer from Ashkenaz pound of flesh shortsightedness as the Jew merchants always do.

Donald Trump has failed in Asian policy due to Kushner manipulations. There is very little time left to check this as HR McMaster has Neocon shortsight for profit, and India is dripping with American haters who want relations with China.

China is moving to 2050 policy and Donald Trump is still running 1812 policy of heroin balls in Hong Kong for quick profits.

You just keep clapping for Donald Trump and despising the Lame Cherry for not being on the bandwagon, as your ignorance has doomed all America to it's final generation, as the moves which require to be made are not being conducted as there is apparently no one conducting foreign policy in the Trump Brand.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. The Beautiful Chocolate Cake Policy with Curry Sauce.


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