Wednesday, July 5, 2017

By the Rockets Red Glare

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are some who ignorantly conclude that by sowing Muslims into America as human shields that it will protect Americans from nuclear strikes and other genius of the modern age and past.

Religion in Syria - Wikipedia

Sunnis. The largest religious group in Syria is the Sunni Muslims which make up around 74% of the population, of whom about 80% are native Syrian Arabs ...

There is a slight problem in Islam is two sects. The Sunni and Shia, and the Shia have the nuclear arsenal and the desire to implement it for Religious and Secular genocide as the Maddi can not be kept waiting.
America is pouring onto itself the fuel of enticement for the Shia to strike, by importing Sunni.

Sunni Muslims - About Afghanistan

Sunni Muslims are a large majority in several Central Asian countries. Learn about them and the differences between sunni and shiite.

There is another enticement in America is ruled by a Jewish faction of Ashkenaz. It is in this faction's interest invite attack in America, Europe and the Israeli state, to eliminate competitors and to utilize the grande American nuclear arsenal to create the new world order with a nuclear glow.
There is the greatest enticement for attack by the Shia caliphate in the current Jewess of Ivanka Kushner, her husband, and hosts of her religion ruling the White House, and incorporating the greatest of instigators in "Egyptian christian" Dina Powell types, who are the greatest of disgust to the Islamist.

To create an enticement for attack on numerous fronts by this Obama Trump Muslim order in one pouring gasoline and the other thinking Islam is a shield and not a fuel, while succoring nuclear Shia Islam in Obama payoffs, is an insanity to conclude that great mischief has not been initiated.

There are those who still attack this blog.  Their genitals are their brains. They do not see the fissures, and for the storm which is coming will not survive to apologize nor donate.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Simple lesson in the obvious in Muslims hate Christians, other Muslims and Jews. America overflows with reason for nuclear Shia, but let us eat beautiful chocolate cake and defend the oven cooking with a nuclear flame.

So many clocks ticking, but which will chime first.

Russia could begin deploying military police to security zones in Syria after the zones are finalized in two to three weeks, the country's TASS news service reported Tuesday.

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