Monday, July 3, 2017

The Lame Cherry Donation Collection Bad Ass Collection Agent

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I started on this post half way through it down below, so that explains why it looks like it does, but instead of fixing it for you goddamn non donors, I am being like Jan Michael Vincent who is taking over hunting down the non donors, as he knows Jan Kwan Do, and I am certain he will kick Sean Hannity's ass who nows Sean Kwan Doe.

  1. You guys still wanna learn how to fuck someone up BIG TIME? Over-the-phone lessons in the deadly art of Jan Kwan Do still only $85

I have it on good authority that JMV Mach 1 BBQ sauce is good for jet fuel, a replacement for Jew zyklon gas, paint thinner and hemorrhoid cure cauterizer. And no you do not get any goddam bbq sauce for donating as this is not like buy one bottle of Viagra and get Rush Limbaugh two if by tea horse piss.

  1. JMV's MACH 1 BBQ sauce is so good, you could put it on a fucking shoe and eat it! $68 a bottle. CASH. Quit stalling and buy this good shit!
  2. List of things I'm the best at: 1) Drinking 2) Acting 3) Surfing 4) Kicking ass 5) Not paying 6) Flying 7) Stunt driving 8) Being your hero

See this is where this all started. All the fucky numbers are from Twitter. I don't know if Mr. High Rise has that problem on his tweets, but he is not fucking JMV plus a bowl of yellow shit vomit, eating the cement off the tile.


    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.
    After thorough consultation with one of my premier fans, the one, the only, the legend, the JMV, the Jan Michael Vincent of Airwolf, he has taken it upon himself to hunt down all of the non donors flying Airwolf.
    Do not be dismissive in this in thinking just because JMV has been in 300 car wrecks, had his leg chopped off twice, owes the IRS like 70,000 cash and is 71 years old, because I am assured he still does his own stunts, has Airwolf in his garage built over a volcanic shaft 3045 feet deep into the earth, and is more bad ass on Twitter than Donald Trump ever dreams to go over the line.
    This is an example of my donor collector in JMV tweets.

  2. There was nothing wrong with my leg I got amputated. I cut it off because I fucking felt like it. That leg sucked anyway.

Yeah I did a self ovary operation, I never had the balls to cut off my limbs to just prove a point. Of course I never grew back my ovary but JMV when he cut off his leg, his dick was so long that the doctor said, "Well Jan, you are now down to two."

JMV is the man. He like drank an ocean of booze, snorted a planet of cocaine, injected like a nuclear arsenal of heroin, and crushed his body in car wrecks more than salvage yard, and cuts off his fucking limbs, and he is still tougher than a 12 year old Angus beef cow who got fucked by a Longhorn bull on a 21 day cycle.

  1. Nothing worse than some lazy asshole "sending thoughts and prayers". Send the goddamn CASH!

I used to like Norm MacDonald, but he blocked JMV. It is like what the fruck Norm!!! I mean come to America and ass moon Canada, and then block JMV!!!! Too late Norm, no penance donations from you as you blew it man. Back to Canada for you on a Trump deportation and Airwolf will be dropping you off.

  1. Big news! Send me a $100 bill and I will autograph a $1 bill and send it back to you. That's what a great fucking guy I am!

That might be good for JMV, but no fucking way joses. As stamps cost like 50 cents, and envelops 20 cents, and at a buck I would be out 1.70, and pens ain't cheap either. I ain't no soft touch like JMV!!! You send in what you owe and I keep it.  Am practicing to learn to fly Airwulf.......German version as I heard them krauts picked up the original and crashed the thing on some good will ambulance run that killed everyone. Too damn cheap to get the real JMV to fly it.

This is what JMV eats for Supper
after he smokes them for Breakfast
  1. Jan Michael Vincent Retweeted Maryanne Williams
    Fuck you
    Jan Michael Vincent added,

Gotta jet as Airwolf is on the launch zone as I talked NASA in to attaching a Saturn V as LC does have Nazi connections for that.

JMV is on the way!!!