Tuesday, July 11, 2017

the Obama Divorce or Till Death do us Part

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Gateway Pundit and others have been noting that Barack Hussein Obama has not been wearing his wedding ring again. There have been cover stories on this in Glamour Magazine from 2016 AD in the year of our Lord making excuses for this as Obama was terrified of having someone pull the ring off his finger as he was shaking hands. That could never happen, so it was a lie, but once again the Lame Cherry posts more proof of what was posted exclusively here in June 13, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord, when Obama disappeared for a day, only to return at a homosexual rally that night, because the reality is Birther Hussein departed to the great beyond that day, and there has been stand ins for the last three years of the Obama presidency.

As proof, you tell me that this is the same guy in 2017 compared to the real Obama as Senator from Illinois.

Once again, Obama 2017 is of a skull type which is oblong, his chin is massive, his ears are flat while vintage Obama's head is round, he has elephant ears, and his chin is normal as Senator.

There is absolutely not any way, that this is the same person, as skull shape can not be cosmetically altered.

So why should the image of Obama wear a wedding ring to lurch Muchelle, because he is just window dressing for the globalist indoctrination the Obama Foundation is implementing into America, in raising up 100,000 Obamachurian candidates.

Why it is such a reach for those in media to conclude this is not the same person, when they say Michelle is a man sex change operation, does not make any sense. It would though open up the evidence which has been posted here for four years proving that there were several images of Obama on display in this stolen American Presidency.

For those who need a review, before June 2013 Obama had no failures, after June 2013 nothing went right for this regime. It all goes back to the day when Obama was removed and put into cold storage by Val-erie Jarrett in the doomsday bunker under the White House. The corpse was finally moved to Hawaii ad dumped into a freezer and removed, ending the saga, once it was deemed that the Obama legacy would be one of perpetual vacations, the Obamas as a front for turning out zombie leaders to rule America perpetually, and there would be special appearances by the image of Obama to keep the illusion going, as Muchelle was out lezzing around with her shemales.

The doubters and scoffers are challenged then, in coming up with an explanation in how Obama's skull changed size and shape. How is it that over the years his hands at some periods were long and slender like a piano player's and then appears to be club-shaped hands.
His ears are not the same, his chin is not the same, his face is not the same person. Explain just how this is Obama, when all the evidence concludes Obama left the building in 2013 AD in the year of our Lord.

The fact is Michelle Obama is a widow. She has been one for years. She appeared to enjoy several of the changelings more than Barry, and as was documented here in the children were terrified of the neo Obama, they eventually warmed to him well enough, at least until the Presidency ended.
That is why they are never together and why Obama never wears a wedding ring, as this expensive stand in, is not paying for the expense in being wed to Lurch.

The original Obama was a round head. What is around now is a loaf head. These are not the same people, and that begs the question of where is the original Obama. You have been informed, but you come up with the answer as you challenge the posts here and are in denial.