Sunday, July 30, 2017

Trump Drudged

 When you can snatch the pebble from my hand Grasshopper...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The deep state through CNN decided to sow some Jew controversy in a most anti semite operation, but it is not anti semite when the deep state goes after right wing Jewish operatives, then it is a story.

What this has to do with is Matt Drudge's mailing address is 1600 Kushner Avenue. No need to worry about leaks as Donald Trump has more special guest media camped out in the West Wing than West 57th street in New York.

The gist of the story is Matt Drudge made Donald Trump and now Matt Drudge is as displeased as every Conservative American in the absolute inaction of the Trump presidency, because Matt Drudge drank the kook aid and actually believed Jared Kushner, the slum lord leftist was phoning Drudge for advice, when all Kushner was doing is playing Drudge for good press and using the directions Matt Drudge gave to con people on the right to vote for Trump.

"He's growing impatient," one of the people close to Drudge told CNNMoney. "Drudge takes some credit, I think, for getting Trump elected into the White House and he expected him to follow through on the promises he campaigned on. Look, it's not going well so far. Some of it is, but for the most part it's trouble. Drudge can see that. He's not blind to reality."
The other person close to the reclusive publisher told CNNMoney that it "seems like Matt is starting to get a bit miffed."
"Drudge may have helped Trump win the White House, but he's never beholden to anyone," the person said. "What's gnawing at him now is that Trump is not following through on his campaign promises -- the ideals that helped him win and also brought Drudge's backing."

You dear children have to have a little background as those of you who were around were still so trusting and those of you who were not around, had no one named Lame Cherry to tell you how all of this fits together.

See in the 1980's there was one of the old guard of the OSS, when the CIA was still running American operations working for Americans, because they were still afraid of the armed Veterans in there were millions of them to revolt, and his name was Bill Casey.
Casey was one of the best, and was assigned to Ronald Reagan along with Bill Buckley. In that period, the American right wing had a main financial pipeline from CIA operations running out of the South Korean CIA money laundering operation in Asia. Their Soros was Rev. Sung Moon, who money dumped into television preachers for their loyalty and Casey took assets to start ABC Capital Cities as the media wing of the American right.

Casey got brain cancer and was smeared in a coup over Iranian hostages released to Ronald Reagan, and the entity of HW Bush who was once again running off book operations, which became Iran Contra in the dope dumps to Bill Clinton's Arkansas.

What appeared after this was the deeper state of Reagan's handlers, funneling funds to Rupert Murdoch, who was an asset of MI6 out of Australia to being FOX News as envisioned by Newt Gingrich.

For those with some memory, the above groups will sound familiar in Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority which Trump tapped into, and one of the original progenitors tapped in this out of ABC was a young talent called Rush Limbaugh, who was allowed to suck all funding so no competitors would arise, and the message could be controlled.

It was at this juncture that the CIA created World Wide Web was beginning to have pupose and out of nowhere this Jewish recluse arose in Matt Drudge. The Jews wrote the first messaging platform in ICQ out of the Israeli state. From STUXNET to all of this viral genius, it originated out of Tel Aviv, and came into the NSA codex, which remained open to Mosaad.

It was Rush Limbaugh, Mr. Apple, who introduced his CIA minded audience to the Drudge Report, which spiked and amplified this site based upon early leaks on semen leaks of Bill Clinton on Monica.

Now you are aware of this exposed face of Mockingbird, and how it was harnessed by Jared Kushner as he had the secret Jewish  right.

You see, Matt Drudge had a young genius who built Drudge Report, and his name was Andrew Breitbart. Andrew Breitbart violated Matt Drudge's trust, and took the money that the deep state offered up Ariana Huffington to create that site, and invested his wages into Breitbart.
Unfortunately Andrew Breitbart thought he was a player instead of one of the pieces, and boasted about bringing down the deep state in Obama, for which Mr. Breitbart was assassinated.

During the campaign, Drudge frequently spoke with and doled out advice to Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, according to a person familiar with their conversations. The person told CNNMoney that Drudge was one of the first individuals Kushner would call for advice, and that Drudge was more than happy to give it. A spokesperson for the White House did not return multiple requests for comment.

This is the Mockingbird. The smoke and mirrors of the political lists being created and bought and sold to manipulate voters is the cover, for the entire operation in how it drives the common thought in sufficient numbers for the vote counting machines to reach their 15% margin of error.
Kushner can claim his codex and Hillary Clinton can claim the bots, but the human animal is evolving beyond the Marlboro and Mr. Clean herding. It is the Drudge Report which is the hub of the axis. It is this axis that Kushner conned for Donald Trump's WWE arena run.

Matt Drudge had to back Donald Trump to protect his creation from being regulated out of business. The funding arm is of limited sources, and if you remember about Trump TV, Kushner has no interest in starting a media for Conservative Donald Trump, because Kushner already has the liberal New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC and Shep at FOX implementing the real Trump agenda, which is frustrating Matt Drudge.