Friday, July 14, 2017

Trump's Attorneys: The Kushner's are the Problem

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This article needs to be prefaced with the reality that Donald Trump's voice is his biggest asset, and that voice appears on Twitter in ridding himself of high paid propagandists, in speaking directly to the People. As everyone, has been trying to silence the President who is in power, including his attorneys, this means that Donald Trump should continue on, because the reality is, this coup against Donald Trump will continue even if Jesus crowns him President, and there is nothing the President can tweet in 140 characters that will ever hold up in court, as he is not the Bundy's.

The President's big problem, and 85% of his problem are Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, and it is summed up in the Mr. Trumps legal counsel, stating those two nitpickers are showing up in every meeting and telling the President to do the exact opposite. As one assay's Donald Trump's problems, one can relate that the Kushner advice is not serving the President and is either bad advice or another Kushner set up.

What has frustrated Kasowitz and the team, people familiar with the matter say, is that members of Trump's family are always there and giving their own advice. Kasowitz has grown frustrated with Kushner at times, and vice versa, sources said. The New York Times first reported on the tension Tuesday evening.
There has also been some griping inside the White House at Abbe Lowell, a longtime Democratic lawyer representing Kushner. In a fiercely partisan, us-against-the-world West Wing, a Democrat's appointment was "really kind of weird," one official said. A person close to Lowell said he is keenly aware that he also has to represent the president's best interests and is behaving as such.

The Lame Cherry first revealed that Jared Kushner is a cooperating witness against Donald Trump, and it was proven by a story posted in the New York Times in mid June. Weeks later, Don jr. suddenly became the target of a smear and the investigation, as Jared Kushner needed someone else to take the heat for Kushner crimes, and the reality is, Kushner threw his brother in law under the bus to save himself.

I will repeat this again, as there is a pattern in all of this, that points to every time Donald Trump gets close to Russia, that fake charges appear in this coup against him, which means that there are a dozen projects held in a dossier as operational plans to keep this on Russian hacking, to keep the situation disrupted to bring down both President Putin and President Trump.
This will take place in a constant pattern, getting close to the President over the next years, in order to force him to resign or to deny him the nomination for 2020.

Put this into the stone block, that there is going to appear whispers after the 2018 sham elections for the GOP, that Mike Pence needs to step up for the nomination as it will be denied Mr. Trump. Watch for the #NeverTrumpers to start pushing this as Mr. Trump is blamed for everything.

Jared Kushner now is the focus of  this coup operation. The Kushner's have always been the weak point, and Kushner is now Robert Mueller's man on the inside.  I realize Ivanka Brand is to remain untouched and that is why Don jr. was smeared, but in the end game of this, can you not see weepy Ivanka again going to her daddy and screeching, "DADDY YOU HAVE TO RESIGN TO SAVE ME FROM PRISON AS THAT IS THE PLEA BARGAIN JARED WORKED OUT."
Guilt for a failed marriage goes a very long way, and Mr. Trump has absolutely zero trustworthy people around him, except his old New York cop bodyguard.

The Trump lawyers are beside themselves, because they are giving good legal advice, but the next moment it is Ivanka and Jared giving bad advice to the President to protect themselves. The worst of it is now that Jared Kushner in his cooperation will have to report EVERY detail to Robert Mueller in these meetings which the Kushners sit in on between the President and his legal counsel. It is the ultimate inside information.

What tells in this is the reality that the President is still running this like a board room meeting, and  that might work on Apprentice, but not when you have the deep state operating a coup against you, and they own the Kushners.

It is a fascinating situation to watch the signs of just how protective the cartel is of the Kushners. It is not that they have the franchise on them, but it is that the Kushner's are the bug in the bed.  The way the numbers are suppressed when Ivanka stories appear, as much as Mike Pence, proves this is the NSA hubs of the deep state not wanting this blog's post to rise any further in the search engine results, or the remaining myriad of people will all discover how this game is being played. There has bee a grand suppression of this blog in this, in thousands of "unique visitors" simply vanished, as much as entire continents.
It is the protection of those dolts who the cartel is utilizing in this coup to manipulate the President and gain information.

I will repeat in this the need for the President to create two shadow cabinets, both to work on passing his legislation as promised, as accomplishing that rewards his base to keep them loyal, unlike Steve Munchkin shutting off guns to Americans which antagonizes the Trump base.

Stephen Cohen summed up the Russiagate gambit perfectly on Tucker Carlson.

"The first thing you notice is just how much the press is rooting for this meeting between our president and the Russian President to fail.
It's a kind of pornography.  Just as there's no love in pornography, there's no American national interest in this bashing of Trump and Putin.
As a historian let me tell you the headline I would write instead:
"What we witnessed today in Hamburg was a potentially historic new detente. an anti-cold-war partnership begun by Trump and Putin but meanwhile attempts to sabotage it escalate."
I've seen a lot of summits between American and Russian presidents, ... and I think what we saw today was potentially the most fateful meeting ... since the Cold War.
The reason is, is that the relationship with Russia is so dangerous and we have a president who might have been crippled or cowed by these Russiagate attacks ... yet he was not.
He was politically courageous. It went well. They got important things done.
I think maybe today we witnessed president Trump emerging as an American statesman."

Donald Trump has emerged as an American Statesman. There is no one that man can not charm, and that includes Midget Macron of France. Mr. President though is still sinking even as his ship of state surges ahead. He needs to start protecting himself from the Kushners. He needs to try an experiment for a 30 days in not telling the Kushners nor people who will leak to them anything, and see if things start settling down for his Presidency, as things were going very well for candidate Trump, up to the time that Ivanka and Jared Kushner seized the reigns, and made that pact with Mike Pence and Reince Priebus. After that, it has been nothing but stalemate for the President from Trump Trans.

Either President Trump distances himself now, or there will be a Wendi Deng day when what this blog reported on in August 2016 of that Balkan trip of the Kushner's is going to surface and then all that will be left is Eric Trump on the outside of the prison.

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