Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Vulgus Odium

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Due to the reprehensible attacks upon American Heroes by these vulgus odium, in digging up graves and casting down monuments to America, the Lame Cherry celebrates a moment in history.

The ignorant have no idea of the Confederate Flag in the cause of State's Rights, as it was not the Flag which people think of the Confederate Flag. The first Flag of the Confederacy was one of two red bars, a white in the middle, a sea of blue, with the Stars of the States.
This is the flag which the Confederacy took as their standard and flew at Bull Run, in the first engagement of the Civil War. It was also the flag that was at the center of the reality, that if it had not been there, there might be two America's today, with the North now the slave encampment peopled by Muslims and Mexicans and the South free.

The story takes place at the end of the battle of Bull Run. The Federals were in full retreat, with General Longstreet in pursuit and about to open up with cannon, when confusion swept the battlefield as reports emerged about the Union recrossing Bull Run to outflank the Confederates.
The staff officers on the field countermanded the orders of the leadership, and Longstreet was forced to disengage from a shocking blow which would could have undermined Lincoln's war and peace would have prevailed.

What had taken place was an excitable officer from the general staff had observed a body of men crossing the Bull Run and noted it by the American Flag being flown. The problem was the untried desk officer, had observed the Confederate States Flag from a distance and mistook it for the American Flag.


It was after this that the leadership of the South, replaced the Confederate Flag with the Confederate Battle Flag which became he symbol of the South, as it was not ever again mistaken for the Stars and Stripes.

It is a disgrace what is being engaged in, in these United States, and if Donald Trump ever cements his power, a record must be reviewed by the Attorney General for the full prosecution and removal of citizenship of these traitors tearing down National Monuments in their hatred of the American People.

What comes next, the burning of General Jeb Stuart's personal battle flag? When comes the day that the Jefferson Memorial is torn down for being a slave owner? When comes the day that Protestant Churches are burned by Jesuits and Muslims?
How much of America is to be burned and destroyed by the vuglus odium?

America must have a preservation of National Monuments of history and this must come from President Donald Trump.  

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