Thursday, July 13, 2017

yes it is not Donald Trump, but Donald Reagan

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Isn't the point of a cartoon to make one laugh, and a political cartoon is satire to make one laugh?

I mean isn't a cartoon character about Donald Trump jr. supposed to look like Donald Trump jr. if it is Donald Trump jr the cartoon is about?

This one reminds me of Ronald Reagan. Maybe that is all the guy could draw was Reagan, or maybe he is trying to tell us that Ronald Reagan was suffering from dementia and Ivana jumped on him, got preggo and only the artist knows this and this is the real story Russia hacking that Don jr is really the son  of Ronald Reagan.

Wouldn't that be something if Don jr was Ron jr's half brother. That the Trumps and the Reagans had a family bond, that Michael Reagan ragging on Donald Trump sr. was really attack his own ...........well Michael was adopted so ...........well it was like Jeb Bush attacking Donald Trump, but the point is isn't it something that Donald  and Ronald are father and son, and it is not Donald and Donald.

So Donald and Ronald are father and son, and Ronald and Donald are half brothers,  while Donald and Ronald are not related and neither are Ronald and Donald, just like Mike and Donald, Ronald and Donald, and Ronald are not all related by blood, but Ronald, Donald  and Ronald are.

I certainly am pleased to have discovered this  Reagan Trump connection, because if it was not this,  then I could embark on my own career in drawing cartoon characters which did not look like who they are supposed to, and I would have to write their names on their Gilligan shirts so people would know what they are, like cookie jars.

Only bad part is Don jr is no longer a junior, as Ron jr. already has that job description........unless Ivana named him Ronald and not Donald, and the doctor just heard her wrong, thinking it was Donald, and now we have two Ronald Reagan jrs.

Oh what joy is that, in one for the dog shows and one for throwing his traitor bro in law Kushner into prison.

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