Thursday, July 13, 2017

Welcome to the Facts of Life

The world has two kinds of bleaters in two and four legged. They both taste the same to a bear and smell the same when the bear shits them out.

- Lame Cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Someone was posting on Facebook that Lame Cherry was kinda anti Donald Trump recently. How would a non donor know that, except they were on this blog stealing content. This ain't the checkout line at the grocery to steal the gawk and Kim Kardashians big ass for free on the National Enquirer. I ain't a free ride and the Lame Cherry is not a goddamn lemming following pied piper Donald Trump over the edge.

Now for a review, because Donald Trump is like all of you deadbeats not donating, do you know how much I have received from Mr. High Rise, after God directed me to re write the time line and put his posterior into 1600 Penn to champion Christians and to lessen the blow of the Great Tribulation?


Someone from Texas in some Trump affiliated thing, after I exposed the murder plot in Chicago gave 25 bucks last year, but I got nothing.

Perhaps nothing is too definitive, because I did get interviewed by Homeland for trying to protect America from harm.

I have gotten this blog suppressed by Neocons in the Trump regime.

I have gotten some strange workings since exposing the Kushners.

I have gotten perpetual drag on this internet access to having to log in three times, to just get a signal when I am on high speed internet.

So basically, under Donald Trump I have got the same shit deal that was terrorizing me when Obama was in the magic box.

Oh I forgot, when I exposed myself Spiritually in all of this, as the rest of you deadbeats were sitting on your asses, I got the full force of tidal wave evil, murdering everything around here from calves, to cows, to baby kitties, to crippling my horses to damned near killing me when I fell through the floor last winter and my shoulder has not healed yet, as I can not cross my arms without it feeling like it is ripping out, so when Donald Trump got rid of the Christians and went Neocon Ivanka, I got all that demonic wave, amplified by all the deadbeats who are cursing me with comments non stop, and I can not even post about baby apple seedlings to help people out, because every one of them was killed by all of your deadbeat bad vibes.

I am not a fool. I do not sign onto Donald Trump's homosexuality as that is an abomination to God. I do not sign onto Mrs. Trumps demon idol worship in the virgin mary image that just killed a kid in Italy for a heart transplant to another kid. I do not sign onto Christ deniers like the Jew Kushners as that is apostate and sentences you to hell like all of the above. I did not elect Jesus and knew it. I knew I elected Jehu, but by God no Prophet in the Old Testament ever signed onto any of those 8th day worshippers in the North Kingdom, and it got Isaiah sawed in two on the altar at the Temple.

People who can read would know I am not anti Trump. Everything done here is to attempt to get a few crumbs for Christians while I protect him from his own blindness to the deals he made with the worst people in the world. Donald Trump knows this. David John Oates in Reverse Speech has shown the shift in Trump. There is not as much being revealed now as the CIA probably figured out how to scramble the EMP so nothing but mundane garbage appears. It is the reality that Donald  Trump went from LOVE YOU AMERICA to FORGIVE ME AMERICA in a few short months. Donald Trump knows he screwed everyone over who trusted him, and he is just trying to steer this into port before he gets sunk by his coup plotters who are doing a fine job in manipulating him.

The only thing I am astonished by is the number of cowards there are in the priests and the lords. They are all timid about starting a global war. No wonder those demons have to be released from the Euphrates because they will never get this done without a push.

Things are looking up though, as most of the United States is in a severe drought, and the crops are being lessened daily. Nothing like 100 dollar a loaf of bread for you deadbeats to starve on as you don't donate here, you are going to donate that money to satan when all of this comes crashing down.

America needed a Joseph program of food and disaster shelter, arming everyone. Instead Congress and Justice stopped Donald Trump, because this is about the American Genocide.

It come to the point in posting things, in I do not want Motherland out here again as it is not worth it. I hinted at events in June in watching the Pur, and I disrupted that. God does not tell me things as I have a presence which shifts the balance and  things have to reset. I have been watching an idea floating around and none of this is any of my concern in poverty as I am not putting it on the line for billionaires or deadbeats. You got all the answers, you figure it out in which high day the forces are now pushing toward.

It is like my donation collect Jan I am  the real fucking Michael Vincent Airwolf says, you throw a party and all they bring is goddamn mom pop, while he only drinks the good stuff.

The Viking will get the joke in the above as that is what Jan Michael guzzles when not blowing his other leg off with fireworks dynamite, in this is the good stuff. Whoever that guy is sounds like some smart ass from South Dakota who has a real fuck you edge to him over JMV, as that beer is local Minnesota Wisconsin, and them people are not that nasty............they bad humor is Al Franken and that ain't funny.

The above is what is called the South Dakota Paycheck. See you get some good natured person to do work for you for 6 months and then buy him or her a 15 dollar case of Hamms. Amount to like 10 cents an hour labor, but I tell you liquid salaries always make people smile.

Time to jet though, as I got a General waiting to fight one last battle for him as Mr. High Rise should be taking bets in who is going to get him to start the next war.

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