Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Confederate Salute to a Yankee Curse

General Gordon Granger

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As a testament to the prowess of General James Longstreet in being the American Napoleon, no officer in the Confederate or Union armies was so much attention to.

General Grant might have been accosted in the press as a butcher and General Lee's name was a mantra of
Bobby Lee This, Bobby Lee That", at Grant's headquarters, but the one General everyone on the Union made certain their movements were retrograde or somehow always slowed, was when General Longstreet was on the field before them.

In Tennessee, General Grant wanted no part of Longstreet. Somehow General Sherman could not make quick step progress to Knoxville to deal with General Longstreet, and at Dandridge Tennessee, this amusing piece of history took place from Union General Granger, who fleeing before Longstreet, left behind a trail of cursings.

While yet on the streets of Dandridge, giving directions 
for such pursuit as we could make, a lady came out upon 
the sidewalk and invited us into her parlors. When the 
orders for pursuit were given, I dismounted, and with 
some members of my staff walked in. After the compli- 
ments of the season were passed, we were asked to be 
seated, and she told us something of General Granger 
during the night before. She had never heard a person 
swear about another as General Granger did about me. 
Some of the officers proposed to stop and make a battle, 
but General Granger swore and said it was no use to 
stop and fight Longstreet. You can't whip him. It don't 
make any difference whether he has one man or a hundred 
thousand." Presently she brought out a flask that Gen- 
eral Granger had forgotten, and thought that I should 
have it. It had about two refreshing inches left in it. 
Though not left with compliments, it was accepted. Al- 
though the weather had moderated, it was very wet and 
nasty, and as we had taken our coffee at three o'clock, it 
was resolved to call it noon and divide the spoils. Colonel 
Fairfax, who knew how to enjoy good things, thought the 
occasion called for a sentiment, and offered, General 
Granger — may his shadow never grow less.'' 

You can't whip General Longstreet. That is even more damning when you become aware that his Soldiers were barefoot in below zero weather, had no blankets nor coats. There was only corn in the fields and all the Confederates had were parched corn. In fact, General Longstreet opened up his own shoe manufacturing group in his ranks, as Richmond would not provide shoes for his Soldiers.

Everyone knows of Valley Forge and General Washington and the Minutemen. General Longstreet faced as incredible odds, and actually checked the Union Army of the West.

It was fitting that General Longstreet toasted General Granger with his own brandy. It also dispels every Lost Cause racist smear against General James Longstreet. He was the foundation which held up the Confederate political and military establishment when all  else was crumbling.

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