Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lighting up Donald Trump

Frackin' cylons all belong out the Air Lock

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


North Korea details Guam strike plan and calls Trump warning 'nonsense'

Pyongyang says it will launch four missiles into waters ‘30-40km’ off US territory in clear attempt to goad the US president

As a warning in this is being lost in the fury over North Korea.

The Lame Cherry told you China and Russia created North Korea as their front in the Pacific against American hegemony. They produced the missiles and nuclear warheads, including the H bomb, which Clinton bribes funded.

Russia and China are now utilizing their asset in North Korea to light up the American defenses to test those systems, expose those systems, in order to gauge American capabilities, in order to deal with them in the event of a nuclear first strike or response.

That is what all of this is about, and it does not make any difference what Donald Trump knows or understands, because this is McMaster NeoLiberals and Cohn financiers running this Obama Clinton Bush policy. So it concludes the President is either a dolt or a traitor, because he is either not intelligent enough to see through this problem or is progressing this treachery.

There is absolutely no sound advice in this White House as the greater part of American security is being revealed and is about to be revealed in Kim Jong Un moving the President with John McCain and Obama's witch hunt, into a position where American national security secrets are being shown to American adversaries to be exploited by them.

I would advise the President if he would listen to Christian advice over the din inside, if he had anything American left in him from 2016 yet, that he is making a huge mistake and about to hand over to the Eurasians the greatest secrets of American national security.
Leaks come in many forms.  This blog first posted the President was being played by China, by his Kushner weak side, now you know the greater part of lighting up this board.

It is calculated that 4 missiles will provide a statistical test on the entire American Aegis system.

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