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Blood is thicker than water and Clots are the thickest of all

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On July 4th, 1863, the South was defeated at Gettysburg due to miscalculations by General Lee and Vicksburg was surrendered to General Grant.

All of this Union victory would never have appeared if the chessboard of America had simply had the pieces moved as General Longstreet projected, instead of what General Lee and the political leadership engaged in.

The key to the Civil War in 1863 AD in the year of our Lord was not in the east, but in the west, specifically  in Tennessee and and Mississippi. In the West, Braxton Bragg was being outmaneuvered by General Rosecrans in Tennessee and General Joseph Johnston was being checked in Mississippi by General Grant.

To this General Lee maneuvered on a northern invasion into Pennsylvania which would culminate at Gettysburg.

The key to the war was not contacting the established strength of the Union Army of the Potomac. Instead as General Longstreet constructed the battlefield, the key was holding the Army of the Potomac before General Lee, as Lee had defeated it at Chancellorsville.
The Confederates were working to bring an Army to General Johnston in Mississippi to deal with Grant, but General Longstreet instead saw the opportunity was in  Tennessee.

The answer was a swift transport and march of part of the Army of Northern Virginia into Tennessee, where it would assemble, join Braxton Bragg's forces and overwhelm and crush General Rosecrans, before the Union forces could react.

Destroying Rosecrans would leave Tennessee in Confederate liberation. Washington City would discover public fear and political reaction in the Confederate Army on the Ohio River, ready to invade the North, which was out of range of the Army of the Potomac in protection.

Ohio would be taken, and with it much of the Union war production.

At that time General Grant was marching to lay siege 
upon Vicksburg. The campaign in Virginia had been 
settled, for the time, by the battle of Chancellorsville. 
Our railways were open and free from Virginia through 
East Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, to Central Missis- 
sippi. The armies of Rosecrans and Bragg were stand- 
ing near Murfreesboro' and Shelbyville, Tennessee. The 
Richmond authorities were trying to collect a force at 
Jackson, Mississippi, to drive Grant's army from the siege. 
Two divisions of the First Corps of the Army of Northern 
Virginia were marching from Suffolk to join General 
Lee at Fredericksburg. Under these circumstances, posi- 
tions, and conditions, I proposed to Secretary Seddon, and 
afterwards to General Lee, as the only means of relief 
for Vicksburg, that Johnston should be ordered with his 
troops to join Bragg's army ; that the divisions marching 
for Fredericksburg should be ordered to meet Johnston's, 
the transit over converging lines would give sjDcedy com- 
bination, and Johnston should be ordered to strike Rose- 
crans in overwhelming numbers and march on to the 
Ohio River. 

As the combination of September and battle of Chicka- 
mauga drew General Grant's army from its work in Mis- 
sissippi to protect the line through Tennessee and Ken- 
tucky, and two Federal corps from the Army of the 
Potomac, the inference is fair that the earlier, more pow- 
erful combination would have opened ways for grand 
results for the South, saved the eight thousand lost in 
defending the march for Vicksburg, the thirty-one thou- 
sand surrendered there, Port Hudson and its garrison 
of six thousand, and the splendid Army of Northern 
Virginia the twenty thousand lost at Gettysburg. And 
who can say that with these sixty-five thousand soldiers 
saved, and in the ranks, the Southern cause would not 
have been on a grand ascending grade with its bayonets 
and batteries bristling on the banks of the Ohio River 
on the 4th day of July, 1863 ! 

The elections of 1862 were not in support of the 
Emancipation Proclamation. With the Mississippi River 
still closed, and the Southern army along the banks of 
the Ohio, the elections of 1864 would have been still 
more pronounced against the Federal policy, and a new 
administration could have found a solution of the politi- 
cal imbroglio. " Blood is thicker than water.'' 

Now the dilemma manifested for Abraham Lincoln and his generals. The Confederacy had split the Union, instead of Grant at Vicksburg splitting the South by control of the Mississippi River.

General Grant would be forced from Vicksburg to assist Ohio as would Sherman. General Johnston would fall back to the Confederate lines on the Ohio, and make impediment of Grant and Sherman, who had just lost their communication and supply lines.

The Army of the Potomac would be checked. If Lincoln moved part of it in public outcry to save the Union and keep further invasion into Indiana and Illinois, or perhaps now New York as Pennsylvania was laid bear. If Lincoln moved the Army of the Potomac, General Lee would advance and smash the weakened Union army protecting Washington City, and capture Abraham Lincoln in his bed.

This was the correct order of battle. It would have crushed the  regime of Abraham Lincoln, and history would now be filled with a history of Lincoln using Negroid Terrorism to inflict upon Americans and being the Hitler of America in the Confederate Holocaust.

As the fact is Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation was REJECTED BY the American voters. The 1862 AD in the year of our Lord elections proved that. Stunning yes in the clear Truth that Americans were not racist in the least, but did not want to destroy States Rights, genocide the South and turn loose in America millions of people who were unqualified to vote as mules.

The Longstreet Western Campaign, which is equal to the striking of Ohio advocated by General Thomas Jackson before his death, would have ended the war either by conquest or by Americans voting Abraham Lincoln out of office in the rejection of one of the worst American despots in history.

Blood is thicker than the water in conflict, but slice a vein in that conflict and the clots of regret are the thickest of them all.

- Lame Cherry

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