Friday, August 11, 2017

What America Has Become

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Equal Protection Under The Law.

This is the basis of the American Constitution in the law is designed to protect the Citizen completely. That law is sacred in every Judge and every Attorney General is sworn, as every court official, is to protect the Citizen from being harmed by the system, as the golden thread of the law, in every Citizen is innocent until proven guilty, is the Right of the People.

It is abhorrent, unAmerican, repulsive and  disgusting to watch what Robert Mueller has unleashed on innocent Americans in this witch hunt, as Rob Rosenstein lies to the public that it is nothing of the sort. Americans prisons have in them political prisoners like Pyongyang, beginning with Rob Blagojevich, who was destroyed by Eric Holder and Barack Obama for challenging the system, and now Robert Mueller is bankrupting Americans for their politics in choosing to serve on the Trump campaign in Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn.

The grand scheme is to target their children, make them hire expensive attorneys, hound them, stalk them, terrorize them legally, to break them and take everything they have, to send a message to every Citizen to NEVER challenge the system and those who rule it ever again.

Everyone in DC knows what is taking place, inside Justice to the Congress, and they are either terrified of becoming a target in speaking out, or have sold out and are expected to destroy people, as they know they will be destroyed as Manafort and Flynn will be.

A generation ago, Ray Donovan who served President Reagan was a target, and after being ruined in the same courts, he was found innocent, but his words ring true in, "Where do I go now to get back my good name?"


Yesterday, in a statement from the White House, President Reagan said: ''I have always known Ray Donovan as a man of integrity, ...

There is an absolute abuse of justice in America. The Law is precise in no one can be investigated for a crime when no crime exists, when that investigation is designed to terrorize that Citizen into submission. What Robert Mueller and all of DC is involved in, is a crime against humanity and the rule of law. There can not be a rule of law, when the governed are being assaulted for their political beliefs.
What Robert Mueller is engaged in, is not any different than the crashing of planes into American buildings by terrorists, as destroying Citizens whether foreign or domestic with the same results in destroying the protection of the Citizen is still an enemy of the People.

This observation is agreed to by a former Reagan and Bush Department of Justice employee, who verifies that Robert Mueller is on a fishing expedition, but in this one he is taking Citizens out in a boat and  beating them to submission with an oar.

David Rivkin, a longtime conservative Washington attorney who worked in the Justice Department under Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, said Mueller’s probe is undoubtedly straining the finances of all its targets.
“It’s obvious that it has morphed into an open-ended investigation that is way beyond the Russian collusion, and the only unifying principle seems to be that it covers people who are close to Trump or worked with Trump,” he said. “And that is a classical definition of a fishing expedition.”
Mueller’s legal team has 16 attorneys, as well as other support staff, and it’s funded by the Justice Department. Mueller’s team includes former federal prosecutors with broad-ranging areas of expertise who are highly motivated and aggressive.
“It obviously has a deleterious effect on both people’s professional lives—in terms of their ability to carry out their jobs—but also on a personal level,” Rivkin continued. “People who are being severely financially stressed by this investigation.”

This grieves me personally to my colonial roots, in my relatives were the founding Americans, who suffered for this founding to protect Americans from the tyranny of King George and every other empire, and the system has now become the same tyranny, as their is absolutely no redress. There is not any difference in what Robert Mueller has been sanctioned to accomplish, than the British red coats burning down American homes, seizing their property and destroying their families.

What is most troubling in this great sadness, is there are people involved in this like Robert Mueller and his entire hired lynch mob, who are driven in this witch hunt, ruining Americans, and there is not one bit of conscience in them, that says, "This is too much".

All of us grew up with the CIA Mockingbird program, telling us the rule of law was our haven. J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI always got their man in protecting Americans from criminals. I recently saw a Westinghouse Theater advertisement where Americans were told their dreams were coming true  by the government and they could write to BOX 1776 to learn all of the details in the late 1950's.

After the education of the fake news and the witness of Robert Mueller, not one American would write to any 1776 postal box, as they would expect it just another list they would be added to by the state police to criminalize them for believing in America.

What is the difference between an American of Robert Mueller and a Soviet which has Refuseniks, raiding their homes in predawn raids, making them enemies of the state to silence them. Ronald Reagan stood for them and gained them liberty, but what is the world where the persecution is now unleashed inside America.

It was wrong when Barack Obama for Hillary Clinton ruined John Edwards in the courts to remove him as a political contender for 2016 AD in the year of our Lord and it is just as wrong in what this same abuse of American law is being unleashed on Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn.

It simply is wrong what America has become in Americans fear this entire system that Robert Mueller is unleashing on Americans.

Where do Americans resort to for protection.