Sunday, August 27, 2017

Canada, the ticking time bomb of American Toxic Debt

The Chi Bims: We buy America with Canada Credit Card
to be oh so rich as Canadian pay our bills


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I received this note in how much all of us are in this together, and how each of us knows things in our region, which connects all of us together.
A reader from Canada with a fantastic last name of olde Canada told me to keep up the good work. It is in this that the Lame Cherry posts this exclusive in this short note from a reader in Washington State:

Seattle market hot – the tech and amazon bringing in Chinese and Indians along with tech ‘refugees’ from CA.  A big factor here is the Chinese money laundered through Vancouver Canada (and CA) buying up stuff – most of the buying from Canada nationwide – I am sure is from Chinese through Canada and Canadian Chinese.  Accounts for the second place for Canada in the buyer listing.

These Curry Nigs are showing up all over being obnoxious, but it all fits in, and is a balloon a hundred times worse than the Mexican housing buying market of George W. Bush. Donald Trump is dumping these slave laborers into America to drop US wages, and these foreigners are getting permanent status, and their second purchase after a nice new car from a dealer is a house beyond their means.

This though is not what is behind China's enigma as China is more interesting. I have stated that the banks of China have been tapped out in fraud loans based on merchandise not there, and this is how Kushner was trying to get his money, in Chicom banks are lending on collateral, how many times over, and the goods have already been sold.

So Peking is tapped out. What followed next is the United States has been tapped out in their lending to the Chinese. China has entered secondary markets to fuel this Kushner type scam. As an example, Canada allowed Chinese to flood in a decade ago, creating in Vancouver, Little Peking. That mafia based group, then is the platform for loans to Chicoms in Vancouver to buy up properties in Washington State, in this same Wogs who can not afford million dollar homes on Microsoft slave wages.
The Canada banks own the paper, but the houses are being as in Chinese merchandise being triple mortgaged, as in back in China they have on the books that these are paid for properties, so they can be borrowed against for more cash outflow.

OK now that you understand the scam, take out any of the following in cheap money on low interest, as interest rates rise, or Fannie and Freddie sitting on 100 trillion in toxic debt forced into a second default in a Trump shutdown, or a stock market crashes and all of those Amazon companies using zero interest money to show their stock profits, and these Wogs stop making payments and being defaulting on the loans.

Canada is not a first world economic structure. It used to be said if the US catches a cold, Canada gets pneumonia. What happens when all of those Canadian banks in British Columbia find out their loans to Wogs and Peking companies are not being paid. Vancouver has the debt and can not pay it, as they have to service their debt. Canada can not hold that debt, but will be forced to, as suddenly their real estate is tied up in various courts in being mortgaged by other larger interests demanding their claims come first.
Ripple that effect all through Canada, because what is taking place in Vancouver, certainly is the same scam being run on the east coast.

Justin Trudeau is seated upon a communist house of cards, and he now has more terrorists pouring in at his invitation, and has poised Canada between American toxic debt and Chinese toxic debt, and Canada will be holding that entire debt. That means Ottawa is holding the bag, which means the good People of Canada are now in dire straights in this scheme.

Japan was fleeced like this under HW Bush and it has never recovered. South Korea managed to avoid an implosion as they are Nazi state or state directed economy, as LG has proven in being a global manufacturer of appliances and electronics, along with Samsung. Canada does not have this type of manufacturing base to the American market, and with the American market imploding, the global structure will not hold, because it does not make any difference how many Chinese there are to buy things, because China has been looting the liberal minded world in this Ponzi real estate Scheme, as China is out of money.

There is not any secret in this in Ottawa. If people in Washington State are watching the money laundering, then every Trudeau gangster knows this speculation is taking place, as Ottawa tries to curry favor with China for exports and trade, in allowing this Ponzi scheme to operate.

The last time this 9 11 economic attack took place against America as in 2008. It took two attempts at collapsing the French fraud markets to set off the spiral in America. What will be the catalyst this time has yet to be examined, but what if this time those forces which confiscated the American trading houses, are looking to foreclose on what little Canada has in oil and lumber. Imagine acquiring the trillions in Canadian natural resources for a few hundred billion in bad loans to the Chinese.

What won't run long without winding?

A river of debt.

Welcome Canada to Trudeau globalism in Operation Anaconda.

We are all in this together, captured in it. Each knows a part of the puzzle, and it all makes up the whole in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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