Sunday, August 27, 2017

Why does Herbert McMaster hates Jews to the depths of Blood Libel

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This story has been polluting the internet in the internecine Jew warfare of the Trump Jewry being attacked by the Cartel Jewry, but it is much more complex than this, because it piques the question of, "With the Christians crucified from the Trump Administration, the Loyalists exiled from the Trump Administration, the Republicans in Katie Walsh and Reince Priebus escorted out the door,  the Bannon Fascists removed from the White House with Sebastian Gorka, just who is left in Pence, McMaster............who would benefit from this Agagite cleansing of the Trump Jew from the White House, led by Dana Milbank of the CIA Deep State coup plotters?"

We know that McMaster is John McCain's skinhead in the White House, who both come to heel in Jewite George Soros. We know that Mike Pence suckles at the teat of Jewish mafia which takes US aid and funnels it back to the conglomerates in defense contracts or their Tel Aviv dope trade is given open access to US markets. We know that John Kelly is a Clinton democrat to his junta heart.

So who is the benefactor in removing the Kushners, Gary Cohn of Shylock banking and Steve Mnuchkin? The answer of course is all of the above, but the secret in this is the deals which has to have been worked out.
Look at what is at stake here in these Jews. Munchkin is the US Treasury, Gary Cohn has his Shylock hands on the Federal Reserve and the Kushner's are low grade Jew mafia, so you can forget about them, except for whoever is behind this has been manipulating those two half wits for a year, and they have only one purpose in blackmailing the President and shutting off the Kushner texting. That is important as with Kushner being lumped in with the powerful Jews, that whoever is behind this does not need Kushner in Russian hacking trouble to blackmail the President. It points to Kushner did cut a deal with Robert Mueller as this blog reported, so the Kushner's are expendable in this Jew war, and John Kelly wants them shut up, so Mr. Kelly will control all the information flowing to President Trump.

Side note* That is why Jared Kushner fingered Donald Trump jr. and why Robert Mueller went after Don jr., is because Don jr. is the outside right wing conduit where information is reaching the President which Bannon and Priebus were blocking. It is unfortunate Mike Cernovich stated this reality of what Don jr. is doing for his father. It certainly did not help the situation on the right.

So the focus goes on Gary Cohn and Steve Munchkin, and not them, but their jobs, in one controls the Treasury in taxes to be divided up to the Nazi state (Nazi is National Socialist in the Congress hands out money to their conglomerate owners in mutual control of the US society, so it is a correct term in Nazi.) and  the other is about to get his hands on the Fed, which is the foreign ownership of American finance.

Someone whose people in Herbert McMaster and John Kelly, of the Junta, wants the two money Jews out, as this Jewish faction is not the Jew who will benefit the masters of McMaster and Kelly, Mike Pence and Rex Tillerson.
As this anaconda constricts and the remaining players emerge in their association, one witnesses globalists like Tillerson, fascists like Pence, Obamacons like Kelly and Soros proteges like McMaster, are all working together for the isolation of Donald Trump, and to get those wrong Jews out of the White House.

The "Jew" of the modern era comes in numerous forms, in the insiders and the outsiders, the asset Jews, the Jews that infiltrate both politics for the cartel, and the Jews that think being a billionaire allows you to be a Joseph of Aramathea to boldly go into Pilate.

Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchkin have prospered too much and have not bent at the waist to the elders. That is what is behind the Dana Milbank attack, as Herbert McMaster stands aside holding the robes as the mob stones the Court Jews.

Here is a flavor of Milbank's religious zealotry as it appeared in the Washington Post against the 'silent Jew" of the Trump White House which prefers the "Court Jew' rather than speaking out against Trump to force the President out for the fascist they prefer in Mike Pence.

Here is the quote:

So did my rabbi, Danny Zemel. “These guys are the princes of American business power,” he said. “If they can’t find an ounce of moral fiber from their own Jewish past, we’re in a very sorry way. If they view themselves as court Jews, then they’ll keep their mouths shut and keep their nice jobs.”
That past is as ancient as the Bible. Abraham argued with God, urging the Almighty not to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for the sake of the innocent. Moses, seeing an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, struck the offender, buried him in the sand and fled from Pharaoh. The daily Jewish liturgy includes the 146th Psalm, praying to a God who brings justice to the oppressed and food to the hungry, who lifts up those who are bowed down, who upholds the widow and the orphan, and who brings the wicked to ruin.

Danny Zemel, like Dana Milbank, suffers from DeJEWsions of Grandeur. For the record, Abraham was NEVER A JEW. That pertinent fact is important as the person of Judah born to Abraham's grandson, Jacob had not yet been born, and the tribe or descendants of Judah were a thousand years away.
If you can handle Truth, Abraham, and these Ashkenazim in the cartel Jews, have absolutely not one genetic link.
It goes like this:

Noah of the flood, had three sons, Shem, Japheth and Ham. Abraham was born of the Shemite line of Eber, from whence the name Hebrew comes. The Ashkenaz are of the Japheth line, of the same fair skinned blue eyed Slavics of Asia as the Russians. They are two different peoples genetically.

To advance this, Jacob had 12 sons and 1 daughter. One of his sons was Levi, who was the Priesthood. Moses was a Levite. Again Moses was not a Jew ever. The fact is these Jews of the Ashkenaz Asian peoples of the syndicate have been in the process of supplanting the original Judahites, have been involved in financial overthrow of the Peoples of the West and the Israeli state, for the genetics. It is why they keep marrying into "goy", but it is not just any goy, it is the Lost 10  Tribes this elite have been interbreeding to obtain their God produced DNA, to become immortals in the false tree of life which has been constructed. It simply increases the frequency of the DNA receptor, but it resonates only to Life in this God produced Peoples who are peculiar to the Lord.

As for Psalm 146 quoted as "Jew", no one knows who which tribe wrote that Psalm. It could have been Esther's Benjaminites, and yes Esther was not a Jew, never could be a Jew as she was Benjaminite, a relation to King Saul, and those peoples are brothers to the Americans and British, as Joseph, Benjamin's brother are the children of Rachel through Jacob.
The author could be Levite or Judahite too as three tribes went into exile in Babylon.

So this is the bastardized Jewry which permeates this cartel of the false messiah. You are either of the guild or you are not. Gary Cohn can bend over for Obama and suck Hillary Clinton's clit, who offered her Chelsea up to be a convert to Jewry like Ivanka, but he is not of the order, no matter how much he schemed in destroying Trump's Conservative Christian Make America Great Again, because he has not rite to gain that station, nor the obedience.

Now the Lame Cherry gives a bit more information than Dana Milbank as a false prophet misquoting Scripture, so you understand more of the reasoning behind all of this in why Jews eat their own, and why Herbert McMaster holds the robes of those engaged in the Blood Libel. It is the explanation of what has appeared before you.

Are Gary Cohn, Steve Mnuchkin or Jared Kushner a trio of victims? Not in the least, as they stood silent as Christians were purged fro the Trump White House. Gary Cohn has been sticking the knife in to every competitor in the White House and relishing it as Jared Kushner cucks in his pants.
Steve Mnunchkin appears to be the nice guy in this lot, but then he is Russian and they tend to be more pragmatic and honest, while the others are New York valued.

Pence is the remplacez la tĂȘte, the replacement head. Kelly isolates Trump for the order to progress the McMaster nuclear war being initiated, as Tillerson prepares the diplomatic brainwashing steering this to the war to crop the world, for the conglomerates of the Nazi state, whose Jews hold the Judas coin purse, and the Vatican is the motar to make all bend knee to the coming anti Christ.

For those who are distraught over the neutralization of Make America Great Again, comfort yourselves that in November 2016, you showed God by your actions that you did His Will in voting proving you are God's. Enjoy the political cannibalism as the anaconda eats its own, as the Christian and Patriot are out of the arena, and the palace coup are now eating each other, the same traitors who feasted on the body of Christ first.

They will be occupied in sticking pointy objects into each other, which means for sometime, they will not focus on the Christians or Patriots, until that power is cemented. As you have no one in this world government and your loyalty is to Christ and the America that Christ bestowed on the children of Joseph, it is to await the second coming of Christ in contentment and peace, and enjoying the Roman circus before you.
It is illogical to be upset, act out to make yourself a target over a game you have no place in.

For a scorecard in this, as it is better than that fake game NFL, Gary Cohn is the most prominent individual the cartel wants to be rid of, as Cohn about has his Shylocks on the Federal Reserve, and apparently is not coming to heel. Unless he does, that means he needs to be escorted out, unless he joins Kushner in being a witness for Robert Mueller's witch hunt.

Pence is Constitutional so it has been decided the cartel stuck with him in the deal. The Junta is already in place, for the Clinton's, Bush's and George Soros. McMaster is the weakest link even if he has cemented power in the coup. Absolute power means only one skinhead to blame in he may be the crumb the President provides the mob as a scapegoat, now that John Kelly is ruling.

More drama and more intrigue, as the Jews eat their own, and the skinhead McMaster enjoys holding the robes for Soros as the Blood Libel drips from this coup.