Thursday, August 10, 2017

Children of a Lesser Donald

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have question for you.

The question is, "Does the US military make a practice of naming divisions deployed to theaters abroad, or specific Navy SEALS for example, or do military secrecy and protecting the base or the families from retaliation, does the military hide such information for national security sake?"

The answer is the Pentagon never informs the world who is being deployed or where as practice, as it aids the enemy and it endangers the Soldiers, their families and the civilians in those states, as Fort Hood proved in that massacre.

So you give me an answer now in this headline and this press released all over FOX.

US Air Force jets take off from Guam for training, ensuring they can 'fight tonight'

The roughly ten-hour mission from Guam’s Andersen Air Force Base on Monday marked the first for the crews and aircraft recently deployed from Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., in support of U.S. Pacific Command’s Continuous Bomber Presence missions, Pacific Air Forces Public Affairs stated.

What about answering this question in, why is the Pentagon informing Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, that America can not even man it's nuclear bomber force, when Mr. Trump is going fast and furious on Kim Jong Un?

Fox News visited Ellsworth last year to see the bombers up close. Only about 50 percent of the Air Force's B1s can fly right now, according to Air Force statistics. Budget cuts are to blame, according to pilots and airmen. The Air Force is said to be short around 400 pilots right now and 4,000 mechanics.

It sort of is like Mr. Trump's missing carrier task force armadas not off North Korea, that Mr. Trump has a missing nuclear bomber force too.

 To explain the above, as all of you are still in never never land in making excuses, and most of you have never read the archives of the Lame Cherry, there was a reality in the Cold War, that the rich people on the east and west coast, put all of the nuclear bombs in rural America. South Dakota for example, because those Americans were expendable, while the rest of America was to be protected.
From the above, it is obvious HR McMaster Pentagon doctrine that Kim Jong Un, Peking and Moscow are being baited. I explain it this way. Kim Jong Un is not going to nuke South Korea, Guam, Hawaii or Alaska if he is provoked to fire nuclear weapons. Kim Jong Un is going to strike America's lower 48.

The Lame Cherry exclusively informed all of you before the Washington Post, that North Korea had weaponized a H bomb in the Dr. Khan cone shape for multiple warheads on a single rocket. That is what will be visited on America.

Kim and his military staff are not insane, not off balanced and not without reason. They know exactly what they are doing deliberately, and what they are preparing for in Mutual Assured Destruction. 1 missile with 10 warheads, in a 1000 missile salvo against proven American defenses which are only 90% effective, leaves 100  nuclear h bombs raining down on America, with the other 900 littering Japan, the North Pacific and Canada.
As the Lame Cherry is the last expert in nuclear warfare, those 900 mushroom clouds of Pacific water vapour and Canadian dust will in hot spot fall out, be weeks of silent nuclear destruction in rain or snow all through the United States lower 48.

I probably have your attention now, but you are not listening.

If the North Koreans can be goaded into a launch before their dragnet is complete, that means that HR McMaster with the CIA  and Pentagon needs to protect all the pretty people in the lower 48 by giving Kim Jong Un something to shoot South Dakota, instead of Los Angeles, Spokane, Chicago, New York of DC.

If you are not feeling the least bit uncomfortable at this point about sacrificing entire States of a million people, so you can cheer Mr. President and be the one who is alive, then that pretty much testifies where your heart is at.

Now though that you have Mr. President and HR McMaster protecting you, and all it will cost is a few planted stories in the press, directing the Eurasians who to target in retaliation in blowing the faces of Mt. Rushmore, let the Lame Cherry disturb your cold hearts.

There is a thing in South Dakota called the Missouri  River. That thing has four major tributaries draining into it, no matter which way the wind blows nuclear dust to.
Some of you might be thinking, "Hey I live in Kansas City, and that river runs right by here". So it does and in radioactive fall out on the Missouri, and in spring flooding, you are going to be receiving a hot spot flood making the Missouri from Sioux City, to Kansas City, to New Orleans an American Fukushima.

I would believe that some folks in that drainage just decided that Ellsworth being deliberately exposed by the Pentagon is not such a good idea.

It gets better though my children and brats, because what happens in all that irrigation for crops, that radiation on barges, all hauling things to you and you have no idea if your bread flour or shoes has  a dose of plutonium or cobalt 60 in them.

It gets better, as you are proud of your missile defense, What happens if Kim's missile gyros are off, and Ellsworth is not hit? What if the American THAAD or HAARP misses and just pushes those ICBM's off course?
Being a nuclear warhead up in space, has a very long drift. Maybe all of you people in Chicago, Memphis, Houston , Denver, Columbus or Atlanta who were not so worried about those South Dakotans dying for you, now are thinking, the Pentagon could really screw this up, in targeting the geographic center of North America, as those ICBM's from Kim might just drift onto my pretty city and ruin my pretty day.

Still thinking this Trump policy in furious  and fast is such a thing for you bleaters to be burger clapping over?

If it was proven against all military policy for Joe Biden to out the SEALS in that outrage, then why is no one upset in outing the Air Force nuclear bombers from South Dakota?
Perhaps in addition to the above, the only other B 1 nuclear base in in Texas, but Texas is overflowing with pretty people, and the junta would not want Texas  being vaporized by mistake, as again this is about those ugly Christians up on the Canadian border.

Do Americans Know that Joe Biden Outed Role of Navy SEALS in ...

Do Americans Know that Joe Biden Outed Role of Navy SEALS in bin Laden Raid? added on Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Lame Cherry will inform you something which you know, in there has never been a nuclear war fought. All you have is test conditions for best results. No one knows how these systems will function, and in a recent lesson of Ivanka's sophisticated Tomahawks, had them crashing, landing all over Syria and only a fraction hit the base they were aimed at.

You safe pretty people are now all concerned about yourselves, but I return  to stories planted in the press, telling the nuclear enemies of America where the bombers are from, located, that America is Triad Weak, and all for the purpose of murdering around a million people in Donald Trump States of Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, Nebraska and South Dakota as Ellsworth is on the border of all of these States, who trusted Donald Trump to keep them safe, and now the Trump junta just deemed them all expendable for New York values.

Given Ellsworth location in jet stream winds, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit and even Mike Pence's Indianapolis are all in the radioactive hot spot fall out in a rain or snow storm. Most of that was 2016 Trump voting territory and now this McMaster Kelly junta is making it all expendable.

It has not dawned on you, as your minds are reeling again in having things pointed out to you, as Sean Hannity had this all explained, but no one explains who is expendable, that real people are going to be exterminated inside America, and all of this is once again a deliberate policy of targeting White Christian America by the nation rapists and the police state.

It is amazing how a patriotic post in FOX once it is explained in real military operations in South Dakota and most of that region from the Gulf to the Ohio is deemed acceptable collateral damage, so the financiers can get their hands on North Korean rare earth elements, in order to cripple communist China that HW Bush created, which created North Korean nukes, for another Raytheon war for profit.

It is easy to agree that those people were expendable as you pretend to lament their death for a few remorseful moments, but there is never any pretend when it is you on the receiving end of a deliberate Pentagon policy, in which the CIA is leaking information to direct attack responses inside America to save the prettier people than you.

Pearl Harbor was no more expendable for FDR, than Germany was for Woodrow Wilson. Perhaps Senator John Thune and Senator Mike Rounds should be asking why their voters are expendable, as Mr. President certainly is not asking why his voters are.

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