Thursday, August 10, 2017

Robert Mueller's Fishy Scented Peach


Peachy Howell


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Once upon a time in America, the biggest concern for those entrusted to managing the American Mob, was that the mob trust the regime, as Clinton supporter,  the now former CIA Director William Colby stated before he was murdered to silence him.

At this point in the Russian hacking fairytale, the deep state, or the 'system' has in charge of it, a group who are doing everything possible to fracture forever the trust in the regime, is importing invaders to fracture the framework of American society and ignite an uprising which the system will crack down with by the police state.

The latest fraud in this witch hunt against Donald Trump is Judge Beryl Howell, who was mandated to recuse herself from this case, but instead Howell who was a Bush appointee, an Obama appointee, worked for Patrick Leaky Leahy, worked with Loretta Lynch and attended Lynch's retirement lunch, providing glowing remarks, and worked and authored with one of Robert Mueller's witch hunters, is the judge who just allowed Mueller to convene a second grand jury of ethnics in DC to indict the Trump meat sandwich.

Howell working as a prosecutor in Brooklyn in 1987. Weissmann joined the same office in 1991. And Loretta Lynch, the future attorney general, became a prosecutor there in 1990—working just down the hall from Howell, according to remarks the judge made at a dinner honoring Lynch on May 7, 2016

So we have judge who is a Jeb girl and an Obama girl, working with a Mueller investigator, in rapture with Loretta Lynch, colluding with Robert Mueller, who is a Bushite and an intimate friend of the crooked James Comey, who was managing this deep state witch hunt for over a year.
Legally, none of these people should be anywhere near this case, and if any conviction ever is produced in a court, it is going to be thrown out on the grounds these people all had vested interests to protect each other.

Then again, this is ALL ABOUT the cartel stopping the Trump agenda of returning power to the people and stopping a nuclear war with Eurasia, which is necessary to cover up all those missing Obama trillions laundered into the deep state.

This is disgusting and unAmerican, but that is what the deep state designed this for, to be so contemptible, beyond the bounds and criminal, so the few remaining non zombie, like the patriots of Venezuela that HR McMaster just wiped out for Goldman Sachs will rise up enough so more FBI agents will appear with their Facebook posts and put them into prison for life.

This Manafort thing is the focus,  as  Manafort backed a candidate in the Ukraine who was not a Nazi, and helped at the key moment to secure Donald Trump the nomination..........Reince Priebus did  too, and that is why he paid the price.
Mueller is beyond the pale in going after Manafort's son in law, for absolutely nothing, to pressure Manafort who did absolutely nothing with Russians. To put it plainly when the IRS says Paul Manafort paid his taxes, along with the anal pickers of taxes in the state of New York, Paul Manafort paid his taxes  and was not involved  in anything shady.  That is based on what Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have stated their tax nightmare is for setting foot in New York, because their state auditors want to know to the minute how much time was spent, as the tax auditors assess to time spent in New York.

With that reality, it past time that this farce of Robert Mueller on this fishing expedition be called a farce. It is time that Ron Rosenstein at Justice, be pink slipped, as he went on FOX and told Chris Wallace that this was not a fishing expedition, which is an absolute lie, because Paul Manafort's son in law had  nothing to do with anything Russian, which is what this witch hunt was supposed to be about, and now Mueller has unleashed his minions at the agency to go out and intimidate Americans.

This Georgia judge should never have allowed a second grand jury, in another jurisdiction, and yet she did, to add to the taint of all of this. It is meant to be this way as all are involved in this to be so foul and rancidly partisan that people will act out in frustration and fear.
Once again, do not act out as that is what this is designed to do. The President knows he has 40 million gun owners he should have called up January 21st, and has not done it. If he is not protecting Joe Arpaio, he is not going to protect anyone else. So all you obey the law, pay your taxes and stop making yourselves a target as all of you are too small to be thinking you can do anything. Look to Jesus return and know that you did the right thing in voting and voting correctly as God will remember that.

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