Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Five Years a Dictator

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There are realities in life and one of the lost realities is a prediction that General James Longstreet made concerning the political situation in America if the war which was only to last 3 years before Southern victory, went on to 5 years as a dictator would appear.

There are facts in this that Abraham Lincoln appeared the dictator by 1863 with his Emancipation Proclamation, his denying the courts and attempting to label all Americans who disagreed with his enslavement of White America as traitors to be hung.

By 1865, the Confederacy seeing the weakness of their President Jefferson Davis, in their Congress granted General Robert E. Lee dictatorial powers. Robert E. Lee was actually an American Caesar.

What was more significant, in the Confederate Congress,
where a resolution expressive of want of confidence in the
Chief Executive was under informal consideration, and
would undoubtedly pass by a large vote if introduced.
At this critical juncture it seems that a compromise was
effected. It was agreed that Congress should enact a
law providing a supreme commander of the Confederate
armies, this law to be approved by the President, who
should then call General Lee to the exercise of the func-
tions of that office. The intention was to invest him with
dictatorial power.

Unfortunately for the Confederacy, and America, the desires of Lieutenant Ryan of the 7th Infantry was that General James Longstreet should be appointed dictator. This American Napoleon, was one of the few who would have righted America, and saved her from decades of occupying the South, and then becoming a complete FDR plantation in another great war killing off patriots in World War II.

We stayed overnight at Fort Fillmore, in pleasant
meeting with old comrades, saddened by the reflection
that it was the last, and a prelude to occurrences that
must compel the ignoring of former friendships with the
acceptance of opposing service.

Speaking of the impending struggle, I was asked as to
the length of the war, and said, At least three years, and
if it holds for five you may begin to look for a dictator,"
at which Lieutenant Ryan, of the Seventh Infantry,
said, If we are to have a dictator, I hope that you may
be the man."

Understand this, America after the fraud of Obama will need a dictator. It will either be Mr. Trump or another will arise more ruthless to replace Americans with another dark skinned race of slaves. It is doubtful someone qualified as General Longstreet will appear as General Washington did, because America and the world has moved from self governance, beyond the crumbling structure of people figuring out they can vote themselves other people's money, to the last tyranny of the feudal few completing the agenda of voting everyone's possessions as their own.

It is all a 21st century dictatorship.