Monday, August 7, 2017

Hail Haley Prositute of Profit

Anyone who peeks under my skirt gets a Prize


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So Russia and China have seen the light when it comes to North Korea, in voting for more sanctions against North Korea, all due to the courageous work of UN Ambassador Nikki Halley.

US praises progress with China on N.Korea - Global Times

The US is making progress in talks with China on imposing new UN sanctions on Pyongyang over its latest missile test, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said.

Now for what was under Nikki Haley's skirt the Asians got to peek at.

Russia and China both will not accept a toppled North Korea, as it places a United States nuclear land carrier on their borders. So no one saw the light in any of this in Russia and China, so it means the Trump junta had Ms. Haley take it out in trade.

What is the trade? America does not nuclearize the region. America does not start a nuclear confrontation with North Korea.

What Russia gets: The promise of not having a nuclear waste zone on it's border and future energy pipelines to the millions in Korea for Russian profit.

What China gets: The promise of monopoly control over the vast rare earth elements in the North Korean mountains for Peking technological advancement. USA drought beef steak for Korean toxic Fukushima sea rations.

So once one knows the lifting of skirt, it is all not so noble, so Trump diplomacy, and just more of the same thing this was about from the start, as Kim wants bribes, America wants Korea as a nuclear base to check Russia and China as a forward shield base and to deny China rare earth elements for super power status, and it has little to do with what is being talked about or praised.

And this just in, we will soon discern how much the Jewish state will protect there chance at Greater Judea, in starting a war, to protect that chance in Netanyahu, and if not North Korea, then it will be Iran.........and that means there will have to be another Pearl Harbor or 9 11 generated event as the catalyst to another patriotic ending.

Key Witness Incriminates Netanyahu
Israeli 'Settlements' Almost Tripled In 1st Half Of 2017

In this I will stop none of the action plans in writing new time lines. Unless I hear from God, I am finished with placing myself in jeopardy. I note these manipulations to correct the misconceptions, not so the deadbeats do not fall into the abyss again, but in hope some rich deadbeat will come through with big donations as it appears this blog is the only common sense light protecting the dead beat from their demise.

You need me, until the Two Witnesses start breathing fire on your selfish selves. Probably will need me more then, than ever.