Monday, August 7, 2017

Meet the Flynnstones

Sorry Fred, I informed on you to McMaster this morning for supporting Trump.
You'll be in the cattle car tonight and the death camp by tomorrow


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The taint of HR McMaster has created a stench of disbelief in everything that is Donald Trump. The fact is Donald Trump is the worst judge of character, is led around like a poodle by the Kushners or is Hillary Clinton in a golf shirt.

This blog is not going to discuss any of that, because the ends are all that matter, as Donald Trump vouched for HR McMaster on Friday as a good guy.

As new revelations emerge on HR McMaster obliterating the Patriots of Venezuela in luring them to their deaths, an even more horrid example of "The Good McMaster" has exploded like a caldera explosion of Truth.

This is the Truth in HR McMaster is a Skinhead Racist, who racially epitaphs Trump Loyalist as SUB HUMANS, to be placed on ENEMIES LISTS, where HR McMaster decides the FINAL SOLUTION.

White House officials spoke in hushed tones and anxious whispers this week following a series of stunning firings by National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster that left the staff wondering: Who’s next?
Anxiety reached its height Wednesday night, White House aides said, when it became known that National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton was fielding round after round of phone calls from journalists asking about the authenticity of a “purge list” of senior staffers.
White House aides said they do not know if the purge list represented a genuine plan by a newly-empowered McMaster to root out more staffers or a ruse by pro-Trump activists designed to sound the alarm about McMaster’s perceived intent to clean house. Either way, the aides said, the sense of uncertainty is palpable.
“Very few people know who’s going to get axed next, but if you’re viewed as a Flynnstone it’s a liability,” said a person close to the White House, referring to staffers hired by McMaster’s predecessor, retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

So Skinhead Fascist McMasters who is in intimate contact with Obama Clinton loyalists, allowing full access to national security files, is purging the White House further of those Patriots who are attempting to stop nuclear war.

What is stunning in this, is the madness of McMaster, in one instance Colonel Derick Harvey was summoned to a meeting convened by Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, in which Steve Bannon attended, as it was about an enemies list of Obama supporters at NSA.
Harvey counseled that since the Obama trolls would be out of a job in a few months, that firing them was not needed. McMaster though went nuts over the meeting, not giving Harvey the opportunity to explain that he was the voice of reason, and instead terminated Harvey.

Harvey had been called to the meeting with Bannon to discuss the list by then-White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, one of the officials said. It had been compiled by campaign staffers during the transition, in part by comparing White House staff lists with their social media profiles, noting any anti-Trump posts.
Harvey managed to convince the two men not to act on it, as the staffers in question were temporarily detailed to the NSC by their agencies and would all be gone by the summer.
McMaster found out about the meeting weeks later and berated Harvey for attending what he thought was a Bannon meeting, never giving Harvey a chance to explain the chief of staff had convened it—and that he had argued against firing staff. It was a first strike against him.

This is the Trump junta in literal NEOLIBERAL dictatorship under HR McMaster. It purges Loyalists and replaces them with terror lovers and warmongers, all the while categorizing Americans as sub humans to be purged.

What stuns me in this age of anti semitism, racism and hate speech, that the words against Caucasians in Flynnstones is posted without any hesitation, like Nazi's terming Jews vermin to be exterminated or as in Hillary Clinton's deplorables.

 It is past time this John McCain created and Obama serving HR McMaster be fired. It is time he be fired and not given a 4th star in Afghanistan costing tens of thousands more deaths as warmonger there in the nuclear tensions he created against Russia and China, as the price is too high for dealing with another Donald Trump mistake.

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