Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hillary Among Friends

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A snapshot in time, Hillary time, is a photo of where people who voted for you, should be in wonder of being around you. The problem is with Hillary Clinton, is the photo of her base as these are the faces of those people who are supposed to love her.

If you review all of these faces of Hamrod voters, it all looks like they are hoping someone would do a grassy knoll on her. In this the Lame Cherry as do all people, desire no harm not hurt to Hamrod ever, but when you witness her own supporters with this kind of disgust on their faces the captions say it all.

 The guy who looks like Bill Duke, looks like he is thinking, does not anyone have a gun.

The gal who looks like Bill Duke, looks like she is thinking, I will give someone my gun if they just do it.

 The other gal who looks like Bill Duke tranny, is thinking, if someone just plugs her, I will be Youtube famous.

 The guy who will never be Bill Duke is thinking, "Why didn't I just roll her under the van and drive over her last year when she fainted."

The gal who looks like Bill Duke's auntie thinks, "Look at that fat ass cracker. We went from Michelle to this? I want Michelle back......maybe looks can kill."

The guy who looks like George Foreman is thinking, "Lord I hope whoever shoots does not hit me".

These are the people who Hillary Clinton needs to inspire to get out and vote in 2018, and to pave the way for 2020. These voters want nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. That is her political future in she has lost her base, and that base hates this white woman.
These people by their faces want this woman gone.