Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Record of American Dead

The Dead of Chickamauga

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I wanted people to pause for a moment in all it has cost America to be Americans. The following are Southern Americans, Confederates who were killed and wounded at Chickamauga in Tennessee. The casualties are abhorrently high, not from bad command, but because this was face to face combat between Americans and it was at all costs.

The Union forces facing Longstreet on the left, had 49.4% losses of their commands. Longstreet in two hours lost 44% of his command on average, some as the Tennessee and Georgia Regiments, as this was their home ground, lost almost 70% of their men.

Regiment. Per cent. 

Tenth Tennessee 68.0 

Fifth Georgia 61.1 

Second Tennessee 60.2 

Fifteenth and Thirty-seventh Tennessee 59.9 

Sixteenth Alabama 58.6 

Sixth and Ninth Tennessee 57.9 

Eighteenth Alabama 56.3 

Twenty-second Alabama ... 55.2 

Twenty-third Tennessee 54.1 

Twenty-ninth Mississippi 52.7 

Fifty-eighth Alabama 51.7 

Thirty-seventh Georgia 50.1 

Sixty-third Tennessee 49.7 

Forty-first Alabama 48.6 

Thirty-second Tennessee 48.3 

Twentieth Tennessee 48.0 

First Arkansas ... 45.1 

Ninth Kentucky 44.3 

I place those numbers before the public, to highlight the contempt for these Confederate haters in the 21st century, tearing down monuments and as ghouls digging up dead Americans. These Americans fought for States Rights against the Federal, which is what the Founders established in the Constitution. It is absolutely despicable to question the hallowed nature of these Americans. Their monuments, their graves, their very memories are sacred by the Constitution and sealed in their blood, and anyone who tears at them, is a traitor to all that is America, and if America existed would be brought before People's Tribunals to face the Scales of Justice.

Literally Americans North and South were wounded or killed by half their commands in Tennessee, and still they fought on.

These are the True Americans, and those that violate their presence in the nation they sacrificed for are the anti American globalist, seeking the collective rule of the many by the few and the confiscation of all wealth, centralized in only the few dictators.

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