Friday, August 4, 2017

HR McMasters speaks of a Nuclear Event

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now, means at this time, and in progress. Something is going to be nuked according to McMaster, and he is stating it is a villain of America, not America doing this. This means McMaster has intelligence that a nuclear event is in progress by an enemy of America.

 Now it's they're nuking it, your villain.

 Nothing else compares to this in the reversals of David John Oates in what HR McMasters indicates he knows there is a target.
The President even mentions in a reversal of knowing of nukes as in he has been provided intelligence of more than one nuclear device in some group's possession.

Julian Assange

Saudi funding ISIS -  I know that's honest

Hillary Clinton emails ISIS - They buried us, help 

Donald Trump

Thank ICE director - And I am set up 

MS 13 thugs on Long Island - Deal my friend

Less than 6000 officers in ICE - 8 million 

Congress should have approved health care - Full of shit

Parents crying, devastated, laws change - Snake it catch's all it fucked us all 

MS 12 surged into the country - Solve our ruin

We been screwed on trade deals - There was nukes 

Thugs in the back of paddy wagon - They had to pay you with money (NY cop shake down)

Phase one of the wall - They're running a cell (Terror cell)

Brigades of motorcycles - It was not a mistake

People came into this country and worked - You're peoples in line in the battle

Build a wall that works - Old white shit

Rex Tillerson 

North Korea missile launch - They've thrown us a rocket

Freezing North Korea nuclear program - Source they give gun.

Trump meeting with Putin - I am fierce

Follow up meetings - Need in the law books (Make the action legal)

Ron Desantos

Nuclear arsenal Kim - Oh boy 

A game changer in Korea - They will smash them together

Mike Pence

Jeff Sessions recusing himself - I'm the one 

Choosing health insurance - You're with us

Hillary Clinton 

Words have meaning (on Muslim spy ring)  - Said an ambush by next girl (Debbie Wasserman Schultz)

John McCain

Attacking Russia - I'll beat the crime, reverse, and I'll punish it

Fixing Obamacare - She's jealous (Hillary Clinton)

HR McMaster

Work on integrated strategies - Now it's they're nuking it, your villain.

Taliban not invincible, connect Afghanistan forces - I panic