Friday, August 4, 2017


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sara Carter who is the face of American Journalism is stepping up the Jewish led purge against HR McMaster from NSA in the adding to the rumors that Strangepud is being pushed out to Afghanistan to be awarded with his 4th star.
The Lame Cherry would remind Mr. President that 5000, more American dead, and 1 trillion dollars more propping up the Obama poppy trade and Bush containment project is a bit more expensive than America would appreciate in ridding the Trump junta of another John McCain mistake that Mr. President made.

The Lame Cherry would state plainly that leaking information to the FBI, about the state of the White House operations is high treason, as it is informing on the President. Other than that, the Lame Cherry would offer Mr. President some reality on Mike Pompeo at CIA.

CIA lied to the President on Syria, and has not cleaned up it's own coup against Mr. President. Removing one John McCain troll for another, is not a solution, but a continuation of a leftist junta implosion at the White House.

As this is all a disaster and needs a patch fast, the solution in this is to place Sebastian Gorka, as civilian head of NSA, who can do no more damage than Henry Kissinger did.
As HR McMaster has gutted NSA to his personal Muslim Jewish enclave of world war with Russia, all of McMaster's prototypes must be removed and the former loyalists re established.

The McMaster prototypes will proceed with him to McMasterstan, but Mr. President you do not put HR McMaster in charge, instead as civilian head, you put this tar baby right into the hands of Mike Pence as he likes playing President.

Then you either decide that you implement the Lame Cherry Afghanistan policy or let McMasterstan become Vietnam.

Understand this Mr. President completely, what McMaster has established is a global nuclear war on the Obama, Bush and Clinton globalist agenda. Afghanistan is going to be worth 100 million lives. You have a nuclear war on your hands, and Afghanistan must be held at all costs in the Khyber. The Khyber hands Pakistan, India and the Mideast to 200 million Chinese PLA rape cocking plague of death troops.

Do you really believe Mr. President, that HR McMaster is soldier enough to hold that vital chokepoint, so you only have to get your ass kicked out of the Mideast by the Russians which McMaster has cranked up, or do you think McMaster will spread his ass cheeks and hand over the plans to the White House like he did McCabe at betraying you at FBI.

Mr. President, your next step in Afghanistan is going to be nuclear pollution of that region. You are going to have to get your Pakistani pets to kill 250,000 Chicom PLA with every warhead they got, or you will have jack and shit.

The Solution to Lost Afghanistan Mr. President

 I love nuclear bombs Mr. President, love nuclear war and love to 
start multiple theater nuclear wars. 

You either enter the Lame Cherry doctrine on the advanced Sam Cohen policy neutron  solution  in the radiation poisoning of that pass to end terrorism or the next decision will be made for you in nuclear strikes on the PLA in the Khyber.
You kill the vermin now to keep the dragon from coming down the trail next.

So Mr. President, you are going to by odds, continue to make the incorrect decisions by your weakness or those manipulating you. Your Kushners are arrogant and ignorant. You have nothing but neocons and pencites, with a lackluster dwindling supply of nationalists fighting a goddamn Cold War philosophy with bringing drones to a nuclear fight.

The United States is 7 months behind where it should be Mr. President and this is your tar baby. You are bailing water on the ship of state McMaster sunk. The above is thee only real assessment of what your junta will project.

If you think that McCain asstard who dug this hole and led you down the nuclear mother of all bombs is the answer in Afghanistan, then start signing your name Sokolov.

Nuff Said for the free advice.