Saturday, August 12, 2017

James Alex Fields jr

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In the darkness of what is one of the many corrupt leftists in America, stirring up hatred in Virginia, in the criminal destruction of American history and Americans in Robert E. Lee, of events in Charlottesville, were a vehicle drove over leftists who were on a city street, there is something to be remembered in how the terrorists on the left have been Wisconsin Wilding Americans during the Obama years, and were assaulting Donald Trump and Trump supporters for the entire 2016 election.

Here's A List Of Attacks On Trump Supporters | The Daily Caller

Trump supporter attacked in Chicago. ... violent attacks directed at Trump supporters since the election. Chicago, ... Content created by The Daily Caller ...

So when the police arrest James Alex Fields jr, and those officers at the police station assess the situation that his man was scared, and as the reporter who was there reporting this incident was punched in the face by these same rioters, there is a reality that James Fields was truly in fear of his life, as he was in his vehicle on a city street, where police had dispersed a crowd, and something caused Mr. Fields to accelerate into the rioters blocking the street.
Literally Taylor Lorenz, a reporter there, testified that this leftist mob was terrorizing people and Lorenz was attacked violently.

This photo of Fields in custody, shows police officers who are not in the least on edge. They are telegraphing a message that Fields is not a threat, and he indeed was probably driving for his life.

It most interesting in Jeff Sessions who sat on his ass over the murder of an Australian Justine Damond in Minneapolis Minnesota by a Muslim Somalian terrorist in uniform, and yet in this James Fields jr. issue, Sessions can not launch a federal investigation fast enough.

James Alex Fields jr. is now a political prisoner in Virginia, because he is being overcharged like George Zimmerman in the Treyvon Martin incident, because political forces are driving this, and this is no longer in the hands of law enforcement.

The deep state is attempting to portray this as terrorism by a Caucasian, but the fact is this is Obama terrorism for the past 10 years instigated in America. That is the root cause of this, including the desecrating of Civil War monuments in this genocide of all things American, which set this protest off.

The facts will not matter in James Fields fearing for his life, violent funded protesters on the streets terrorizing people, with very well designed propaganda signs, who are the same groups of Chicago terrorism to Standing Rock Terrorism, who are still terrorizing North Dakota, because this is who the deep state can get at, like Waco Texas and Hutatree to intimidate Americans, until they can get their hands on the President to lynch him.

In the epitaph of this, the one protester who was killed, is being profited off of, as for some reason someone wants to make 20,000 dollars off of her death. This is what is at the center of this as it always is, in exploiting any situation for profit.

GoFundMe​ campaign started for Heyer has raised $150 of the $20,000 goal. [10]

I asked once "What is Truth?". Truth no longer matters as Robert Mueller ruins innocent Americans in Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn, while going after Manafort's children and Donald Trump's son. A pariah state exists in America and it is not the Americans creating this maelstrom. It is the leftist in high anarchy, but it is wonderful that Jeff Sessions is swooping in for the deep state like Eric Holder did to politicize every event, in protecting the terrorist and making political prisoners out of Americans.
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