Thursday, August 3, 2017

Jim Tex Marrs Dead

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those this will matter to, Jim Marrs died yesterday at his home in Texas. As it is always said, "This is a great loss", well this one is, as Mr. Marrs would have been most needed to bulwark the investigations in this overthrow of America. He though is dead and a rock solid voice in the fringe media is gone.

Jim Marrs, Texas-based conspiracy theorist and author, dies ...

Jim Marrs, best-known for his work researching the various theories surrounding the JFK assassination and UFOs and a guest on many talk shows, died this week at the ...

He has been suffering from kidney failure, and why he has been not around these past few months. He was on dialysis, and looking to make a comeback in a few weeks, when his wife found him dead in a room in their home, yesterday morning.

There was no theory to Jim Marrs. He was an investigative reporter, and as of last winter, David John Oates in Reverse Speech of American leadership and Jim Algire in Remote Viewing, backed up everything that Jim Marrs did in leg work and interviews in the assassination of John Kennedy.

I never had any contact with Mr. Marrs, but in this world of media I loathe, I always appreciated he never produced any jealousy or took a swipe that this blog as others have done who are minders. His death simply makes it much harder for this blog and the few others to from a logical base to expose what is being enacted, as the MOGS are well paid and financed, and those who are actually doing the Lord's work just get deadbeats smearing them.

Now I really would have loved to have been loaded with donations, to have purchased his 1966 Mustang.

Very few of the good ones left and those who are left have stopped doing interviews.

We lost an old war horse which we really needed at this time.