Thursday, August 3, 2017

All Creatures Kushner and Small

Listen Steve, Jared was telling me about a special place he has
for you, it is called the fatted calf......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Considering the crotchety old hags hanging out on Facebook which we had to deal with this past week, in being deadbeats and dolts, one could conclude that all women on Facebook are crotchety old hags. That would be incorrect as stating that all Germans are Nazi or all Jews are Shylock.

The toxic people in this world give all their kind a most horrid name. Have some cheerleader belittle you in highs school and every cheer leader is a biotch. Have someone in a Beemer cut you off, and all people in Beemers are a road hazard.
I state this, because in the past and current it might surprise readers in the way I expose the liberal Ashkenaz financiers that I would not have any Jewish readers, and yet the Jewish readers who are on this blog are the most polite, thoughtful, intelligent and grounded as any Viking in Minnesota.

Monday, July 31, 2017

The Real Reason Anthony Scaramucci Was Fired

There is a fact in all of the Trump regime that the K Street Mafia, in the Kushners and Cohns give Jews a bad name. What baffles me about all of this is Jared and Ivanka Kushner invest a great amount of time to their public persona. Ivanka will send her daughter out, expose her danger to hand out donuts on the street to creepy neighbors, plant stories how 'Ivanka always put's Trump voters ahead of her wishes", and parade around Europe holding the cuckold's hand in some true love when Justine Trudeau is not around to gay it up, and then they will sit down with the liberal reporters they leak to, and admit to what bald ass pricks they are in not giving a damn about family or employees.

It is well documented now that Jared Kushner has thrown his brother in law, Don jr. to the wolves. Kushner is a cooperating witness with Robert Mueller as an informant. Kushner had his assistant make a lying phone call about Kushner being needed elsewhere to disrespect Don jr. at that meeting, and Kushner admitted to it without one idea that this is abhorrently wrong.
In a Lame Cherry exclusive this blog first stated that Kushner leaked the emails from the campaign to the press and that was later revealed that "Kushner's people" were contemplating just such a move to save Kushner and sink Don jr.

Normal people do not do such things to family members. Normal people have an idea in their heads that they do not tell reporters that they are screwing over their family and trying to send them to prison. Yet Jared Kushner is openly and vacuously leaking about being a Judas, and the thing is the liberal press recognizes this and is printing it, as those people understand you just do not pull this stuff on family members.

We have heard the great swan song of Ivanka Kushner too in looking out for her female prego employees. Yes the same Ivanka using black slave labor for her shoes in a factory ringed with a giant wall to keep the employees in, but all the same this is a talking point for Ivanka. Yet read the following exchange dealing with Ivanka and Jared in how they dealt with Anthony Scaramucci, the goy boy, in they used him like a wet rag and had absolutely no emotions that this is a human.....with  a mother that has cancer, a preemie child and going through a divorce.

But with Kelly’s appointment, things had shifted. A source close to the White House told me that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner only supported Scaramucci in the first place because they had wanted to get rid of Priebus — long Scaramucci’s nemesis, since he’d prevented him from joining the administration immediately after the inauguration. Once Scaramucci had done his job by ousting Priebus, this source said, Ivanka and Jared had no reason to protect him — especially after the New Yorker story. Further, they wanted the new chief of staff to have a chance to do the job the right way, which meant being able to choose his own staff.

So you understand this, Jared and Ivanka Kushner were out to destroy Reince Priebus. In what Anthony Scaramucci has stated, they set a trap for Priebus in leaks...........if one back constructs this, the only way they would know Priebus was leaking was the press was informing to the Kushner's about Priebus. So they laid a trap and got rid of Priebus. The Kushner's had been pushing meetings with the President and Scaramucci for weeks, praising him to daddy President, so Donald Trump thought this was a guy to advance, because in this remember the scenario, Scaramucci's hire shoved out Sean Spicer, who was a Priebus ally, that apparently the Kushner's wanted gone too, as so much used tampons to dispose of, and it was well known that Steve Bannon said "Over my dead body", and so the Kushner's understood they were going to get rid of Steve Bannon too.

Now put yourself as a Trump supporter as you have been shown the door by the Kushners in the same ill manners, how you would feel if you were Spicer, Priebus and Bannon, having served the President, and had a big target placed on you? You would feel absolutely ill used and misused, because this is the President's family engaging in this, and you just can not tell the President that the kids are knifing you in the back, because Donald Trump has a record in he chooses Ivanka even if it means Tomahawk nuclear war with Russia and China.

The above reveals the absolute complete lack of character in Jared and Ivanka Kushner in the toxic family environment and toxic work environment which they produce. In all frankness, as details have emerged and are proven fact, this last escapade of the Kushner's coup against Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon and yes, Anthony Scaramucci who was most ill used too are criminal offenses, in the law protects workers against a toxic work place, and there is nothing more toxic in Washington DC than the Kushners West Wing Cabal.

None of the ousting of Anthony Scaramucci though had a thought about John Kelly as Chief of Staff in "doing things the right way" and choosing his own staff. It had to do with the reality that Scaramucci was sworn to go after leakers, on Air Force One, and those leakers were none other than Jared and Ivanka Kushner, who have been involved in criminal leaks and a continuous coup of the Trump campaign from August 2016 when the Kushners first discovered that Donald Trump could be elected by Americans, providing Kushner could con Matt Drudge and use Christians and Catholics to put Mr. Trump over the top.

What the Kushner's are involved in daily, is not something a normal person of conscience would ever engage in. In the first, a normal person has fear of God and family, to not unleash this kind of disrespect on Don jr. In the second part, anyone destroying people's lives in the workplace as the Kushner's have will face fines and prison time.
This though is nothing new to Jared Kushner whose father hired prostitutes to break up his sister's marriages, because the sisters were cooperating with Federal Prosecutors. The Prosecutor in that arena was Chris Christie, and you can revisit his history of almost being Vice President, until Mike Pence was put forward to oust Christie out, then Christie was ousted out again in the Trump Transition, by the Kushners and Pence, and just as Chris Christie was about to become Chief of Staff or running Homeland to prosecute the Kushner's those magic beach photos appeared, as if someone with a great deal of money and connections had been stalking the Governor and his family........just like someone learned from his father to hire New York whores to go after family members who crossed him.

This is what is whispering in the President's ear 24 hours a day unfiltered with devastating effect as Christians and Loyalists have both been obliterated from contact with Donald Trump, the first being Corey Lewandowski.

There is a pattern in this too, in when someone comes under the ire of Jared and Ivanka Kushner, it is not just enough to fire them, but starting with the campaign and now Anthony Scaramucci, there is one last digging in of the heels in they are escorted by armed guards off the property. That is the ultimate in humiliation and degradation, to slam home who is calling the shots.

You now have the criminal misconduct and the absolutely abhorrent way that Jared and Ivanka Kushner treat the goy. It is the worst reflection on all Jewry as Ivanka prays by the wall and Jared wears his little topper cap with his rabbi on speed dial, and Ivanka plants stories that her donut daughter lectures the President that he is not God.

Donald Trump has that God part figured out. He though has too blind of a spot for the Kushners who have abused the trust of the President and ill treated all of the Trump Loyalists and Christians. When push comes to shove in saving the Kushners, it does not matter if it is Donald  Trump jr or Anthony Scaramucci who is offered up, and that is something the President must be aware of, in the Kushners will inform on him to save themselves or promote their family interests, because they are the only couple that matters.

There does not need to be just another Special Counsel appointed for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but a Special Counsel to investigate the collusion of the Kushners with other coup plotters to destroy the Trump Presidency and those loyal to the President.

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