Thursday, August 3, 2017

Mike Pence a man of Global War

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This White House release was most interesting in where coup plotter Mike Pence is venturing off to this Saturday.

Vice President Pence Travels to Eastern Europe
On Saturday, Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence left Washington, D.C. en route to Eastern Europe, where they will be making stops in Estonia, Georgia, and Montenegro. The Vice President will be working to advance President Trump's America First agenda and strengthen our partnerships in the region. 

Estonia is the Baltic States sitting on Vladimir Putin's doorstep that is waving the NATO nuclear war flag poking the Russian bear in the arse. This is also  the group who were coup plotting to destroy Donald Trump with fake intel.

Georgia is another on Russia's doorstep, which George Soros almost started a war with when Soros thumped the Israel Jews doing business in Georgia and this was Soros property.

Lastly, we have John McCain's Montenegro, the Balkan state that Russia does not want in NATO and no reasonable American does either, but Mike Pence is about to take a dump there and piss on Russia.

Imagine for a moment if Vladimir Putin appeared on a tour after all of these sanctions inside Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela, and started spouting off about a Russian led alliance against America, and placing Russian troops and bases in Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela. That would be troubling, but here is HR McMaster and Greater Jewish Kushner hegemony on display in adding one more primer to the nuclear primer as Mike Pence dances on the pile.

This is deliberate Trump policy of thumbing their nose at Russia with the only purpose to inflame the situation, so that a war will begin for Pentagon and Wall Street profits.

Mike Pence is as Hillary Clinton in warmongering as Barack Hussein Obama.

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