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New Russian Secret Psychic Weapons Demands American First Nuclear Strike

The Russian Secret Weapon or Not

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It is time to either obliterate the Russians with nuclear weapons as they possess such acumen in Remote Viewing, that they not only can listen in on Presidential conversations, but also with psychic ability create like Jesus would, exact paper print outs of those transcripts to the Washington Post and other coup plotter sources, or it is time to bring Waterboarding to the White House to learn the true identity of the leaker or leakers at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Megan Badasch

This story begins with the latest transcript leaked to the Washington Post as reported by the Daily Caller. The problem is the Caller only names Megan Badasch, a Bush internationalist, who for some reason was in  charge of the Trump Trans, runs her own charity for Ivanka women and was in charge of the pro Muslim Women's Democracy Movement.
There were though 2  others with direct access to these transcripts in this finite pool that Caller is for whatever reason protecting.

Finger-pointing erupted within the National Security Council following a major leak to The Washington Post of telephone transcripts between President Donald Trump and the leaders of Mexico and Australia, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned. And as the U.S. inches closer to war with North Korea, the White House body charged with discussing and coordinating U.S. foreign policy is engulfed in what one administration official called a “poisonous environment.”
Initial leak accusations from two White House officials focused on Megan Badasch, the National Security Council (NSC) deputy executive secretary, who manages the NSC’s document portal. The portal included transcripts of his discussions, which makes her one of three people with access to the leaked documents. But three senior officials within the White House say Badasch had nothing to do with the leaks, and point out that no evidence has been provided to prove that she did.

Fortunately, the Gorilla, Mike Cernovich is not so keen as of late to remain silent, and actually pinpoints the trio who had access to this transcript in HR McMaster, Ricky Waddell and Megan Badasch.
These are all NeoLib McMaster proteges, as McMaster is a McCain protege. Waddell replaced the ousted KT MacFarland who was driven from the post at NSC by McMaster and we know  that McMaster in this coup replaced the driven from office loyalist, Mike Flynn.

Megan Badasch, who forced out pro-Trump NSC'er Tera Dahl, was responsible for managing and editing them the transcripts leaked to WaPo.

Aug 3
Replying to
McMaster, Ricky Waddell, and Megan Badasch were only three in the NSC who had authorized access to the leaked transcripts.

As this expands, Jack Posobiec at Medium had this report posted in Badasch was behind the leaked call with Taiwan that set off the Chicom firestorm before the President was even in office. Once again, it was a finite number of people who knew about this call.
It either had to be Mike Flynn, Donald Trump leaking on himself, Jared  Kushner the favorite texter of Joe Scarborough, or Megan Badasch.

She was responsible for all of the foreign leader calls dusting the transition
One of 4 people that knew about the Taiwan call
The others were Flynn, Trump, Jared

In another bit of intrigue in this, which weighs heavily more now at this time in the Trump junta, we found that Reince Priebus is the one who tried to block Waddell from the NSC by McMaster, and in this growing list of NSC firees, to the former Chief of Staff, it appears that HR McMaster has been a one skin head political putsch operative inside the White House, as everyone McMaster wants out, get either exiled like Steve Bannon or fired like the half dozen above.


Ricky Waddell

This returns though to the reality that Jeff Sessions can not seem with his FBI find the leakers against Donald Trump. Perhaps Mr. Sessions should employ the A Team under Robert Mueller in that part of the witch hunt against Donald Trump as they are quite the goosestepper KGB in terrorizing Paul Manafort's family and beating on Manafort's door in the dark to ransack his home. Odd is it not that the FBI works really well against innocent people, but it simply can not find a way to interrogate McMaster, Waddell or Badasch?

For that reason, it must be Russian Remote Viewing, which has become so advanced  that it is a greater threat to national security than Kim Jong Un, nuclear bombs. Kim is a child compared to Moscow it seems, in Moscow can sit in a room in the Kremlin and listen to President Trump's phone calls, by mind creation, print up the exact transcripts from NSC files,  and more important, can manifest them at drop off points inside the Washington Post offices of Jeff Bezos. I mean, today it is paper, what happens when Russia manifests a nuclear bomb inside all of the important military and civilian protections of the United States.

Army Reserve Major General Ricky Waddell has been named deputy national security adviser, taking on a role that will soon be vacated by K.T. McFarland, two National Security Council officials told POLITICO.
Waddell will be second in command to National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, the sources said. Waddell, who became commander of the 76th Operational Response Command infantry in 2015, is the latest NSC hire by McMaster after former adviser Michael Flynn was pushed out.
Prior to leading the ORC, Waddell was deputy commander for mobilization and reserve affairs.
Dina Powell, deputy national security adviser for strategy, and Waddell will both report directly to McMaster. Waddell will run day-to-day operations and meetings and Powell will oversee long-term strategy and manage senior inter-agency relationships, an NSC official said. They will each lead deputies committee meetings, depending on the topic.
POLITICO previously reported that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus earlier this month tried to keep McMaster from hiring Waddell as his deputy.

So that is the reality, in the nuclear war which the deep state has plotted with finance and the Pentagon must now begin as Russia has produced the ultimate weapon in which there is not any defense, and we know this because FBI Assistant Director McCabe and that new guy along with Jeff Sessions, can not find the traitors in the White House.

Then again, as all of the above law enforcement seem to only have a penchant for throwing Americans into jail while protecting traitors like Hillary Clinton, maybe what instead requires a remedy of water and wood, because just maybe the Russians are not Remote Viewer masters, then it is HR McMaster, Ricky Waddell and Megan Badasch, or someone who is manipulating their sexual organs to get at these classified files.

This is important in the junta, as the last leak came immediately after John Kelly became head domo as piss in his face. So therefore it is nuclear war or bringing water and wood to the White House in waterboarding to learn exactly what is the depth of the tentacles of this plot against the President and the American People.


John Songbird McCain

It would be a simple recourse as what is good for Muslims, is good for the McMaster trio, and their trio master of John McCain. It would be the first time the songbird has ever had enhanced interrogation techniques, as he would not shut up to the North Vietnamese after his self inflicted wounds and incompetence caused his POW status.

It would be a good 8 hour day and the interrogator would put an end to this about 3 hours in as all the secrets would be learned in whether the Russians have a super secret psychic weapon, or it the above who have been cleansing the White House of loyalists and leaks keep coming from this finite group.

So we can ether believe Vladimir Putin is the problem, because Jeff Sessions and the FBI can not find the leakers and immediately launch a nuclear first strike or in 3 hours with waterboarding and a cattle prod, find out who the leakers are.


Herbert Raymond McMaster
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