Friday, August 11, 2017

Kim Jong Un Holding the Trump Card

Get McMaster to make Trump go nuts again today Dear Leader


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What would you do with your nuclear war?

This is relevant, because the genius of Kim Jong Un and the Peking girls has maneuvered Donald Trump into all sorts of feckless moves, so if you were Kim Jong Un, and your objective is to rule a united Korea, which is the Russian and Chinese objective, which is what this has been about for a generation, what would you do, now that the Trump junta has brought this to the edge of a Raytheon profit war for Ivanka and Jared stock.

The key in the above is the Yalu Moment. So you understand this, General Douglas MacArthur drove the North Koreans to the Yalu and had orders not to cross it. He did not in the Korean War, but before he arrived there, the Chicoms poured over the Yalu River and the Korean War started again with a fury.

Peking has now threatened the United States to not strike first. This statement now makes Donald Trump look weak if he does not act, goads Donald Trump to act in disaster McMaster War, and provides North Korea cover to take the next step.

So genius what will you do if you are Kim Jong Un, holding the trump card?

Kim is assured that the American response will be Air Force. The US Navy cut tail and ran out of the Sea of Japan, in another feckless McMaster miscalculation. No US infantry is going to accomplish anything with the artillery that North Korea has, so again, that leaves the Air Force. Special Forces are not going to penetrate North Korea and that is worthless, as the Sean Homo Hannity nincompoops who think if Kim is eliminated that this will solve anything.
As a refresher course, Kim Jong Un killed and removed all the moderates generals and party officials. That means there are a host of regents who will pamper Kim Jong IV and groom him to the same hydrogen bomb covert strikes with cobalt 60 that Kim has. So it is better the Kim we know, than the Kim whose generals would prefer to rule over a vaporized South Korea.

As Kim wants South Korea, it is not logical that he would destroy it. There is too much manufacturing and educated slave labor of value there. It would be a last resort, so that means Kim is moving on the Russian Chinese policy of moving this war offshore, to America.
America must be crippled, and one does not cripple America by attacking Pearl Harbor, Guam, Philippines or the Aleutians. America is crippled by mainland battle as all nations are.
Kim has been astute in looting banks of money. One trapdoor involved the Bank of Bangladesh, and inroads into western banking where Kim absconded with millions of dollars. What Kim does in banks, Kim has done in the defense industry.

So do you have any ideas yet for your Kim tactics?

I can tell you the Moscow objective was to drive America back to her shores, and then finish her off there. So in this Kim is holding Donald Trump by the nose, and preparing to kick him in the mainland pants.

Kim's purpose is to light up the American defense grid to make America show his sponsors their reactions and their weaknesses. Kim would launch missiles for the purpose of having them shot down to expose American defense structure and in this step make America the aggressor in shooting things down.
America misses, and America looks feckless. America does nothing, and America looks feckless and afraid of China. America does something, and America looks aggressive and plays into the propaganda which the world believes in hating America.
Logic would point to a Guam type salvo first and then Kim will drop some rockets into Japan, to begin the process of sowing discord in the Japanese populace of if America got out of Okinawa, then North Korea would not be lobbing missiles over there.

Japan is not going invade North Korea, because it can not. America is not going to launch a fury strike over Guam or Japan, as it will be a propaganda disaster making the North Koreans victims, and proving their need for nuclear weapons.
If McMaster profits for Raytheon drive fury strike, then that attack will provide carte blanche for North Korea to strike with nuclear warheads, and opens the entire door for PLA troops to litter North Korea as human shields, and Russia not willing to have Peking hegemony, will litter North Korean ports with Russian warships, daring Donald Trump to try again, making Mr. President look feckless again, and driving home the point that perhaps the communist agents in South Korea and Japan will vote America off of those bases.

Now enter into this several years projection of nuclear terrorism softening up American cities, more bankrupting Pentagon expensive warfare for Raytheon stocks, so the odds would be that a nuclear torpedo from some unknown terrorists would then strike Guam and Hawaii, driving America back to her Lower 48.

Are you starting to understand how this game is being played, that the Lame Cherry is correct in analyzing that Donald Trump is being played and his junta are being drawn in for a humiliating disaster, and once the progression begins, the day will arrive that Chinese and Russian seapower will be ruling the Pacific. China south from Panama and Russia north.

The North Koreans have been geniuses in this game for a generation. The Chicoms having Kushner meddling drawing in Donald Trump, and McMaster antagonizing Russia has created the perfect storm against America. The Russians and Chinese now are enjoying this immensely as this is their border, Trump is extended, and no matter what they do, they win, and no matter what Donald Trump is being led around by the junta, America loses.

China  has now drawn  a line in the sand. Donald Trump crosses that line, and it is war with China. The United State can not win a conventional war with China as the US can not manufacture enough munitions to kill 200 million Chicoms. It goes high technology or nuclear, China goes nuclear and he reality is the United States has 320 million in population. 120 million are tan skin  vermin. 200 million remaining, and 70 million are geezers. 130 million against 1.3 billion Chicoms.  The Chinese can absorb a 500 million death loss to American technical weapons and still have 500 million to manufacture and fight. America loses 80 million in 20 American metro areas obliterated by Chicom nukes, leaves population of 40 million which the Eurasians and vermin Jesuit latins will overrun by invasion, as the junta bides it's time in bunkerland.

You are looking at the Korean moment. Kim Jong Un is looking at the Korean future of his son ruling united Korea. and celebrating the Korean part in driving America from the Pacific.

The Lame Cherry has stated what requires to be done, simply to expose the incompetency of the junta and the base playing nature of Mr. President. His fake numbers can rise to 45% as Americans have been beat up again in another summer of being betrayed by Congress and the Trump junta on all the things promised these voting Americans, so beat up on North Korea, but just have Mr. President face the national humiliation where this will become as it dawns on the population, and then those numbers will have the bottom fall out.
Sure making American scared and vulnerable in stock market collapse, clever terror attacks and that Eurasian War loomig to bond  them together, but baby sister, once the zombie population loses it's cell phones to comfort them, then you will discover what the American animal is all about in eating itself.

Just keep bleating though for these policies, and know that Kim Jong Un holds the trump card. His grandfather won. His father won. He is winning and he will keep on winning, because the Trump junta views Americans as their problem and control is all HR McMaster is driven by for his masters.

Last week, Trump stepped in to offer public support for McMaster, via a statement. “General McMaster and I are working very well together,” Trump said. “He is a good man and very pro-Israel. I am grateful for the work he continues to do serving our country.”
He reiterated his support on Thursday: “General McMaster? He’s our friend. He’s my friend and he’s a very talented man. I like him and I respect him.”

In case you missed the propaganda coup, Kim Jong Un is posting photos laughing and looking up, while Drudge and other media have Donald Trump scowling all the time and hunched up. That is what winning looks like.

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