Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Solution North Korea


HR says we love war. HR says we love nukes. 
HR does all the saying and I just nod
as HR does all the thinking


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is placed here knowing nothing will be done in the issue of North Korea, because North Korea is not supposed to be a McMaster solution, as there are not any profits in it for financier hegemony enslaving the planet.

It is the pattern now that the Russian leadership is thee only government on earth which is actually making sense. Americans can do nothing but screech in rants about North Korea and nuclear tipped missiles aimed at Guam.
Let us review that in the Lame Cherry stated the North Koreans had weaponized for missiles smaller hydrogen bombs, and voila, it has now been confirmed.......the Lame Cherry also stated that North Korea is moving sea launch and multiple warheads.
North Korea is not going to nuke anything unless it is provoked, because Kim Jong Un wants one thing, and that is to be dear leader of United Korea. So as the Russians have stated, "Let us all just chill".

Russia's top diplomat downplayed North Korea's nuclear saber-rattling following a diplomatic summit Tuesday, and said the United States has to take "prudent" steps to deescalate the crisis.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov emphasized that North Korea always complains about sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council. The regime threatened a "physical" response to the new sanctions and warned South Korea it has the ability turn "Seoul into a sea of flame," but Lavrov betrayed little alarm.
"Strictly speaking, this is how representatives of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea have reacted to all previous U.N. Security Council resolutions," he told reporters Tuesday following an east Asia diplomatic summit in the Philippines. "We will judge by their actions."

Let us state some facts in this that China has played Donald Trump like a buffoon. China made North Korea nuclear as a base against America, and when the Americans humiliated Russians, the Russians assisted North Korea as it is in their interest when Obama kept trying to off Putin, and now Mr. President is antagonizing the situation worse.

This President of America has no intention of defusing this situation, because the money and military interests are not going to allow a settlement.

Sec. Tillerson is uninspired as is thee entire American policy. As the Russians want to stick their noses into a business which is their business as this is on their border.


I am upset as today I had a nuclear special of peeking up my skirt
 and no one has made a two for one offer

America proposes this instead by Upskirt Nikki Haley.

  • The United States proposes as in like manner of lend lease, in Germany and Turkey, that the United States lend leases nuclear arms to the South Koreans in answer to the North Korean armament.
  • The United States proposes that in like manner to the American lend lease, that the United Nations mandate that all North Korean missiles have Russian oversight in Russian launch codes, that Moscow must sign off on for any North Korean missile or warhead, can not be launched or activated by Pyongyang, without Russia providing those codes to Pyongyang.
  • The United States proposes United Nations oversight of Russia and Japanese observers in North Korea to monitor the Russian controlled North Korean nuclear weapons.
  • The United States proposes that once Russian control and regional oversight of the North Korean weapons is in place with the United Nations, that the United States will reduce it's lend lease to South Korea, and with full compliance by North Korea, begin negotiations for making the Korean peninsula nuclear free.

If Mr. President had Christians instead of nation rapists and hegeonomists ruling the Trump junta, truly inspired negotiating solutions would have appeared and the Trump feckless failures in having Hawaii and Guam threatened by nuclear warheads, would never have appeared.