Tuesday, August 8, 2017

It takes me back no more

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The family of Glen Campbell announced today that he has left this world due to Alzheimer and in that I like many have memories of him, which are gentle on my mind.

The era of the 60's gave way from the Everly Brothers who gladly left the stage they were forced upon to fill in the death of Buddy Holley. The pressure of matching hits with the Beatles, found in time other artists, and a poor Arkansas kid who could play the guitar like Chet Atkins.
The protege of Glen Campbell though was that he started playing at 4 with a Sears Roebuck guitar, and he could not read music. The music was all in him, and he could play anything. That is something I have always dreamed of doing in having that kind of God given talent to just play music like that. I can only understand music in my mind in a mathematical sequence in I can hear the next note to play, Glen Campbell though was breathing music through a guitar.

The one story I am moved to share which is forgotten, and his family probably does not even know. It is from the television program that Mr. Campbell had on CBS and will touch on the thought police of today in where it all began.

Mr. Campbell, used to sit around and play songs, and one of the people he had on the show was Mel Tillis. Mr. Tillis is a phenomena in his own right as he stutters when he talks, and only loses that when he sings. Normal people dealt with it, and would laugh themselves silly as he would hang up on something he was trying to say, and then end up singing the sentence.
Well a bunch of assholes could not get the joke, and thought that Mr. Tillis was making fund of stutterers and launched a hate campaign on CBS over Mr. Campbell's program which was doing it's utmost to bring America to real music again from acid rock, and in all the archives of those shows, Mr. Campbell sat down and looked into the camera with his audience there and said, "Look Mel stutters. He can't help it. He deals with it the way he can and we are not making fun of anyone."

Glen Campbell was one of the few people who would have given a guy like Mel  Tillis a stage and probably the only one. Mr. Tillis would become a star in his own right and his daughter Pam would become a star too, but it all had it's foundation in Glen Campbell never forgot where he came from when he made it big, and brought along as many of the people in America as he could.

I hate and loathe what is modern country. It is horrid and depressing. It is not Don Gibson or Hank Williams. In 1960, Country was in regression. Johnny Cash was crashing from coke, and there was nothing else. Glen Campbell modernized it to songs and with Johnny Cash's comeback based on Elvis' comeback, Country was reborn, and in that allot of people who should have been singing in the barn yet, were made millionaires.

Rock kids from that 1970's era would just roll their eyes, as a washed up rock player named Conway Twitty would "have a new hit" that summer, and it would be a rock hit from three years before. There was a big sensation all through Country and couch potato America, when everyone started singing Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge over Troubled Water in Roy Clarke. It was to those who were in the know mind blowing as these same groups of people who hated Rock music, would sit by the radio and just gush over Conway Twitty killing a great song.

Glen Campbell never had to stoop to any of that, because he was the trend, and there would not have been any Garth Brooks or whatever no talent crotch queens now in cookie cutter acts, if not for Glenn Campbell, because he funded the industry to superstar status with another cross over from the 5th Dimension in Kenny Rogers who made Pop out of Country.

For those who require an understanding of what real Country music is supposed to sound like, I post from gaytube the two best of Glenn Campbell's songs in Galveston and Wichita Line Man. The last features Mr. Campbell's power riffs on electric guitar, the same ones which you thought Mike Nesmith was playing for the Monkee's on I'm a Believer, as that was Glen Campbell.

Condolences to his family as the Beethoven of the guitar gave so much to the world.

Time to visit and leave the 1960's.


Mix - GLEN CAMPBELL GALVESTON YouTube; ... Galveston - Lyrics - Glen Campbell - Duration: 2:38. Somewheremaybe 10,535 views. 2:38. George Strait ...


"Wichita Lineman" is a song written by American songwriter Jimmy Webb in 1968. It was first recorded by Glen Campbell and widely covered by other artists.