Monday, August 14, 2017

Surf Nazi's Must Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sean Homo Hannity and Gateway Homo Pundit, had the above exclusive from Lori Wise on Twitter who was  making assassination threats against the President, because she is either being paid to make inflammatory comments or the MOGS who are paid to make inflammatory comments, have so spiked an emotional reaction in her, that she placed herself into absolute jeopardy of prison time........and for what?

A stone monument from almost 200 years ago, that no one pays any attention to, and a Donald Trump who is implementing Barack Obama's 3rd Term with his Clinton cabinet. What is being done to Americans in their being supercharged and manipulated to their own harm, is a narrative which must be stopped at the source, and before we all get caught up by design again in more emotional defenses of Donald Trump or emotional rampages, let us step back and remember that 500,000 dead in a globalist financier Civil War in 1865 solved nothing in America, and in modern terms do you think 50 million dead Americans is going to solve anything in this lurching to Civil War again?

There are real people involved in this like George Soros who is funding terrorism, just like there are real fire throwers being funded by the same elements on the White Nationalist front, all for this conflict to keep Americans at each other's throats so this group can replace and genocide all Americans.
It is by design and it preys upon our natural prejudices.

On the left, this Soros group triggers emotions of your emotional hurts and your guilt, in centering on thinking if you keep minorities as pets, that it will stop your psychological hurts which are triggering you.
On the right, this Soros money group triggers emotions of identity, in attacking  the psychological elements which validate who you are.

The subject chosen in the Civil War is by design. It is why Obama spiked the race card and why this has moved into destroying American nationalism by people who think if they remove these monuments, that it will fix things inside of them too, but the fact is that 8 years of Obama cured nothing, and tearing down monuments will solve nothing, and as you on the left felt euphoria of Rainbow hashtags, that euphoria did not last, and you are being burned out again on something which does not matter in the least to you, as it will change nothing, but you will be told again by your leaders that there is one more thing to tear down.

There is an absolute danger in this for all of us, now that Charlottesville has not been a thing of violence, but that the person in jail has been railroaded into jail, and is being denied protection of the law, as he was branded by the left a terrorist.
Examining the footage of that event, it  is clear someone in the Soros terrorists deliberately had set a trap for that driver. They smacked his car on the rear, and knew just like a horse, that the driver would  stampede into the crowd in panic.

For those on the left like Lori Wise, lynching this kid from Ohio is not going to solve anything, because the leaders of this will not allow it to solve anything. This is just human fodder like the woman who was ran over, was deemed expendable by the Bill Ayers type Weather Underground intelligence assets. The Antifa people harmed at that rally, were Gulf of Tonkin expendables, and betrayed by their leaders.

George Soros is not going to be arrested, because he is the system and it owns the police state, and now deep state Jeff Sessions and the FBI, are going to unleash on Whites to further make this a LaVoy Finnicum emotional rape in the east as that event was in the west just as Eric Holder and the FBI unleashed on Americans in the Obama years.

Those who will be prosecuted will not be Lori Wise, because that is not the intention. Excuses will be made for her, and this will turn to Ivanka cheering some rather duped White People being publicly arrested by the FBI to be made an example of, in the pound of flesh this week to feed the American monster which is a public on edge to devour itself.

The Lame Cherry desires to point out again that this is agitators, MOGS who are spiking these actions. The people on the left and the right could care less about any of this in the majority. Yes there are Lori Wise who are goaded into spewing things, but she is like the Hutatree group who have government minders feeding her things daily to keep her emotional as making all of this personal.
The fact is, most of you have in your online accounts 3 to 50 paid government minders monitoring you, and trying to sign you up for groups, in order to get you do something for a press spike story or simply to keep you in reserve for some mass arrest.

The Bundy's proved what this operation works like, and it is coming again as Jeff Sessions has unleashed the full scope of the government into this, and what is being done to Donald Trump will be done to numbers of you.

The thing is, if Hillary Clinton could have stolen this election, it would be the exact same investigations by Robert Mueller into Mrs. Clinton, as that is what she was set up for by Comey. The same investigations in Congress would be plodding along, and the same monuments would be torn down, and the same people getting run over.
This was all planned out years ago as what is coming has been planned out and numbers of innocent people are getting themselves into trouble.

It does not matter if you are on the right or left. The same advice I give to my children is the thing to do. Stop making yourselves a target over any of this. Pay your taxes, obey the law and never threaten people and always be careful in who shows up in your life, because it does not matter the Blacks in Ferguson finding terrorists there or the terrorists in Charlottesville who stampeded that Ohio kid to running over some chosen fodder, there are paid agents in all of this and they get paid, to provoke you to get into trouble, as your acting out, gets headlines for their departments and the Soros groups are paying for this.

Each of you has to take steps back, and stop being bleaters, manipulated by all of this. I counsel Christians to look for Christ's return and His Peace as the remedy, so they stop feeling helpless as that fear is what gets people herded into these wolf pens like Lori Wise.

Lori Wise deleted her self incrimination, but she is so out of control, that the fail safes are gone in her, in she does not realize she just said for the love of all that is good, we need to murder someone.

I believe in her personal life she would reject that would revulsion as being against everything she is as her deletes have her reasonably thinking she just put herself into jeopardy by what she advocated so she knows right from wrong, but was so out of emotional control, that she could not stop herself getting into trouble.

Jesus the Christ teaches that no greater love does anyone have, than but to lay down their life for another. That is far different than murdering someone for love.

None of this post is going to make any difference, as the President can not or will not crack down as he should have. The police state is unleashed now not on the President, but his supporters and each day the situation reverts to more friction by design. I do hope though that the people not in this cauldron yet, heed the warning and stay out of it. If I had the lives that most of you had, I would be off this merry go round as no one is going to stop what is coming, and I have no illusions in who expendable, here I am, as people do not want to be saved.........they just want that ravenous beast within to be fed, and to be told who wonderful they are, instead of how each of them needs to go home and repent to the good they claim they are.

The terrorists who made Lori Wise should be arrested, but they will not be. So more of this will be engaged in as the measure of the globalists is to break America up as in 1865. The American Balkans is a factored in reality.

Remember that, because once you destroy the country, you are not going to have another nation to flee to and once you destroy your life, there is not going to be a life to put together again.

Each of you are the President's keeper, and that is the reality, because keeping him alive, keeps each of you alive. It is in your self interest. You may not like your lives, but tearing down someone elses is not going to solve what is wrong in your life, because Obama didn't fix it, and Trump is not going to solve it either. It is the groups behind the curtain who control the system and nothing can be done to them as they are all protected by the police state.
So accept it, go live your lives, lie to yourselves to keep your sanity, and look for something better in a world to come, because you did good things for people here, and not harmful things.

Stop making this a bad B grade movie which you do not want to star in.

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