Monday, August 14, 2017

Neo Details on the framing of James Fields jr.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The featured video of a terrorist striking James Fields jr. Dodge Charger from behind, which caused the panic in Mr. Fields which began all of this, has now been augmented by drone footage, which shows Mr. Fields first running into parked vehicles, then fleeing, but also includes another maroon van which drove into the crowd, which is for some reason not appearing in the news.

There is a third account of this in a mob of black men, armed with bats, who are chasing James Fields jr' after the first initial panic, he was forced into crashing to the first set of vehicles, and forced the crash into the crowd.

We now have before us absolute proof, that Mr. Fields was attacked, he fled, he was forced to crash into a a parked vehicle, fled the mob with bats, who were still chasing him when he was forced into the crowd, whereupon fields is attacked again by the black terrorists with bats and slams the car in reverse and pushes back through them.

James Fields jr. positively was fleeing for his life, as he was about to be murdered.

On these videos, there is the reality that this man should never have been charged, and those who belong awaiting trial are the terrorists with bats.

It is absolutely disgraceful this frame up and that Sean Hannity today was attacking James Fields jr.

I do not believe these videos will stay up, once people begin to understand the context of them, in two vehicles, terrorists attacking James Fields jr. and then chasing him down the street with bats, as it proves his innocence in he was fleeing for his life, and in a Billy Budd lynching, that does not fit the Tom Gresham ISIS scenario or the Sean Hannity condemnation.

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