Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Dictator Robert E. Lee

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In this continuing lesson of the real history of America, it will come to news to all of you that the Confederate Congress actually imparted to General Robert E. Lee, the powers of dictator or king, in order to save the Confederacy.

As the first months of 1865 passed, the Confederate 
Congress realized the extreme tension of affairs, and pro- 
vided, among other expedients, for the enrollment of 
negroes as Confederate soldiers. Other measures for 
giving confidence and strength to the cause were adopted. 

On the 21st of January the Confederate President was 
informed of disaffection in the Virginia Legislature, and, 

* One of our weeklies announced, upon learning that General Bragg 
was ordered there, "We understand that General Bragg is ordered to 
Wilmington. Good-by, Wilmington !" 
what was more significant, in the Confederate Congress, 
where a resolution expressive of want of confidence in the 
Chief Executive was under informal consideration, and 
would undoubtedly pass by a large vote if introduced. 
At this critical juncture it seems that a compromise was 
effected. It was agreed that Congress should enact a 
law providing a supreme commander of the Confederate 
armies, this law to be approved by the President, who 
should then call General Lee to the exercise of the func- 
tions of that office. The intention was to invest him with 
dictatorial power. 


The problem of Robert E. Lee is he was and old man, was suffering from sciatica, and other problems for years, and when offered the opportunity to save the Confederacy with the centralized power, he seized neither the gold of the controlling interests in the South, and did not appoint the American Napoleon in James Longstreet to direct all of the necessary energies to bring about a checking of the Union immediately and a concentrated force to deplete and drive the federals from the South.

It is an odd thing of the Lord, that the South fettered away it's opportunities, and when the last chance was placed in Robert E. Lee's grasp, he was not up to the task of being a dictator as Abraham Lincoln was, when awarded those powers.

Sadly Donald Trump is of the same lacking in being unable to marshal the power in order to keep his promises to America, when a real dictator in Mike Pence sidles up to the saddle of  tyranny as he was born to it.

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