Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Trump's Enemies Foreign and Domestic

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President Donald Trump took an oath of office to protect America from enemies foreign and domestic. For Ivanka Kushner and Jeff Sessions reasons, Mr. President has engaged in a medlay of attacking his base from the Bundy's in Nevada to tweeting the Freedom Caucus, while succoring the domestic enemies of the American People.

On the international front, Mr. President has picked a fight with every nuclear power on the planet, and this is not going to ever end in a positive way.

As Mr. President seems to be in a game changing Priebus off the team, Scaramucci off the team sort of mindset, the Lame Cherry suggests that Mr. Trump reset his HR McMaster nuclear war policy for Pentagon profit and liberal Jew greater Jew state away from incinerating piles of Americans.

The Trump Reset should instead be making war on domestic enemies, and as Mr. Trump has the guns, the military, the police, his political action should be denouncing creatures like Congress, the Courts and the Media. It should be quite easy to send in SWAT to round up around 400 Congressional traitors, 500 wacko justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and those lesbians on FOX like Shep Smith.

Habeas Corpus Suspension Act 1863 - Wikipedia

The Habeas Corpus Suspension Act, 12 ... Order to Suspend Habeas Corpus. Lincoln, Abraham. Order to Suspend Habeas Corpus. Lincoln, Abraham. Proclamation 94;

Abraham Lincoln did that suspend habeus corpus, and he got his face on the fiver and on Mount Rushmore, so Mr. President has precident.........and when Mr. President controls the press which will all praise this domestic enemy removal to timely Gitmo courts, one would be surprised to discover how quickly Russian investigations get shut down and Obamacare repealed, and tax reductions for Americans. I bet that Jared Kushner might even tell the Truth for once.

Once that is accomplished, then peace with Russia will flower, no nuclear war in Europe, China will go squat without Russia over North Korea, and President Trump will be hailed as a wonderful kind of guy.

One gets their policy passed as Ronald Reagan said by beating your domestic enemies, not by Tomahawking Syria.

I would bet after Don jr. pulls the lever on the scaffold for John McCain, that Lindsey Graham will be going Heil Trump and goosestep his way to giving up being a faggot. Donald Trump needs to put the fear of Trump into his enemies, not the enemies that Ivanka envisions, but the real ones in the coup plotters who Ivanka hangs out with

So that is the policy, Donald Trump needs to make war on Congress in order to win the war against Eurasia.

Simple stuff, but Mr. President is too much in the Joe and Mika mind warp, and never hearing progressive policy as in the Ivanka din, all foundation of his legacy is being eliminated.

The Lame Cherry states this again to Mr. President. "Anthony Scaramucci was the disaster your daughter and son in law created for you. If this was anyone else you would never forget it nor forgive in this humiliation, which you were personally forced to clean up, after another weekend of mixed message of Crazy Trump."

It is time Mr. President to pay whatever experts to sign some legal paper stating you have the Abraham Lincoln responsibility and right to deal with the enemies domestic. You have an Obamite in Brennan advocating a coup, which is a high crime. Carpa Deium and let your dictatorship write your legacy of success. 

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