Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Will you be the next James Fields jr.?

Tanner Coleman, who knew Fields in passing at Cooper High, said he seemed like a "gentle giant" who was always alone.
"I seem to remember him being a very quiet guy who, when spoken to, was kind and shy," Coleman wrote in blog post Sunday.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As a child growing up, I despised John Adams defending the British Red Coats at trial, because it seemed unAmerican. As I matured, I discovered that numbers of people are placed into legal jeopardy, smeared in the press, and hung there, never gaining a fair trial as the jury pool was tainted, and their lives are destroyed, because they have neither the money nor connections to secure justice.
In that, I am moved to provide representation for those crushed by the system, whether they are of the left or the right, because I always think, "God forbid if I was framed, how much it would mean, to have someone on the outside advocating for the Truth, as the world had already condemned me, as the Americans did the British troops which John Adams defended".

- Lame Cherry

Today I was listening to Sean Homo Hannity rant on as all in the paid media rant on, when a James Fields jr. is held up for lynching, looking to cover themselves with the specter of being the reasonable right, and not like these others which the left now are using to brand everyone on the right as fascists again.
Homo Hannity, who is still detested by left, even after  embracing and promoting sodomy, went on a spew of James Fields jr. being evil, because he liked Adolf Hitler, because we all know that the mere mention of Hitler in any story makes the person qualified to not have any rights in America, and the trial is over.

The source for this information is a teacher in Kentucky, who is the only one speaking to the press, but apparently by teaching Mr. Fields years ago, he knows everything about this man, including making the charge that Fields was taking prescribed psychotic medications.
Never mind for a moment that this information is private, and those revealing it are breaking the law, but it is a point that if  this is factual, then James Fields jr. was a victim like numerous people who commit suicide or act out in uncontrolled violence when placed on prescription drugs, as many Veterans in the US military have been victimized by.

Derek Weimer, who taught two history courses to Fields at Randall K. Cooper High School in Union, Kentucky, said he was a quiet, respectful student but had some "radical ideas on race."

"He was very infatuated with the Nazis, with Adolf Hitler. He also had a huge military history, especially with German military history and World War II. But, he was pretty infatuated with that stuff.

He said those views, combined with Fields' history of being prescribed antipsychotic medication, may have been a "perfect storm."

James Alex Fields Jr. also wanted to join the Army but wasn't allowed to enlist because of his mental health history, the teacher said.

 This teacher has a great deal of knowledge, and yet there are holes in the smear being posted, because in reports James Fields actually was 4 months in the military, giving the impression he completed basic training, and was then released. So Fields enlisted and we do not know the events of why the military discarded someone they could not use as ISIS fodder.

And this from a photographer who decided it was perfect to exploit James Fields jr as he as the "type" to set the stereotype which was being promoted, instead of anyone in the left questioning whether James Fields might have been someone to be protected, in case the Antifa tried to set him up to assault him.

"He just looked off, he had that kind of 1,000-yard stare; it just kinda grabbed me," said photographer Kyle Petrozza. "Knowing what he did, it's kind of haunting now, you know. At the time, I thought I was photographing someone who might just be, you know, a follower, you know, just along for the march, but obviously not."

He looked "off", just what the media wanted to portray these Civil War Monument protectors as, but not one thought about caring for this individual, only exploiting him.

This means the individual who hit James Fields car from behind, which started this entire episode, was striking a mentally handicapped individual, who went into a panic, and now everyone on the left, including Sean Hannity is lynching a person who should be protected, and not hung by an electronic rope.

The using of James Fields own mother against him, is how low this has sunk. In her own words which have been twisted, to get at President Trump, she states that she had no idea her son was a White Supremacist, and only thought he was a Trump supporter.
Now look at that statement, in this is a mother, who raised this child alone as the father was killed by a drunk driver, and while the all knowing teacher informs the press that James Fields jr was a Hitler worshiper, his own mother had no idea of any of this 'evidence' now appearing in the press as fact, and quoted by Sean Hannity.

If one examines the quote from the Hitler worshiper 'evidence' it is one where James Fields was interested in World War II, and as Hitler was in World War II, and numbers of young males have great interest in war, from Snipers in Iraq to the Revolutionary War, there is a reality that this is not abnormal in the least, nor is questioning if Adolf Hitler had won the war, what the world would be like.

To expand this on James Fields jr., in the field of forensic psychology, place yourself as the mother of this child, so you have a 3rd person view of him. Here is a child, who has been deprived of his father who was murdered by a drunk driver.
Fields grows up in rural Kentucky, a State which like many is still divided over the Civil War in unionists and traitors. He feels disconnected and searches for something to empower him, and for James Fields, an American Society which has allowed his father to be murdered and deprived of that necessary love, gains  an affinity for the conflict inside of him, and the greatest conflict according to his understanding is World War II, and as America has injured him (like all liberals who detest America and wanted Obama change they believed in, including toppling Civil  War Monuments), James Fields jr, examines another repressed individual who was a genius in Adolf Hitler, and Fields begins to examine that if maybe Hitler had won the war, that maybe his father might be alive yet, and life would be complete and better under that system, because it failed James Fields jr.

This is not psychic mumbo jumbo, but the reality of this situation, as it is for many people who have been traumatized and are being traumatized in this neo tear down America and Trump coup. It is in fact the worst sort of abuse in Antifa terrorists, targeting James Fields jr., driving him into a human blockade, where Antifa knows he will be trapped, to attack him, and the panicked victim acts out.
Once James Fields jr. is secure, he immediately surrenders to the police, and the police on before the politics become involved in the smears of Terry MacCauliff for 2020 President, state that James Fields jr. was scared, which fits the scenario perfectly in James Fields jr. was the victim in this, like a woman cornered in an alley and gang raped.

It is beyond reprehensible for those on the right to join in on this without the facts, and taking things out of context, and taking statements by God knows who as fact. James Fields jr. if he is mentally incapacitated should be protected, and he is instead being lynched inside and outside of the prison cell.

We are never going to know the real story as this Billy Budd case is expedient for so the political purposes it is was designed. There are absolutes in this though in we know media on the left thought they could exploit him as a "right wing type".
We know his mother told him to be careful, that James Fields jr had not given her any indications in living in her home for 20 years of being a Nazi, worshiping Hitler or being violent. He was the quiet gentle giant. He was the Trump voter looking to protect States Rights.
We know from digital evidence that an Antifa terrorist struck James Field's car, spooking Fields forward. We know that Fields was not going to destroy a car which was a point of validation with him. We know that Fields once he ascertained the danger he was in had passed, surrendered to the police, and the police in their professional assessment, deemed him scared of Antifa and not a threat.

The window of Truth in this has closed. He was exploited by the left in causing this event, and was sacrificed by the right who joined in this lynching to save their high dollar positions.

The reality is James Fields jr. is a condemnation of what America is. It eats its own and consumes them for the aborticide, suicide and genocide they are too cowardly to commit, but force others to slaughter themselves in.
Antifa drove James Fields jr to that crowd, knowing their own leftists were going to be harmed, because this is about Saul Alinsky of sacrificing the few for the many, and human life has no value, and the right is no better in their leadership in now it is expedient to destroy James Fields jr., so the many on the right can survive another day.

The full weight of Virginia State Police, the full weight of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the full weight of Governor Terry MacCauliff going to ride this to the White House in 2020, the full weight of the FBI, the full weight of the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the full weight of the Justice Department,the full weight of billionaire George Soros  and the rent a riot mob, and the full weight of the media and one James Fields jr.

Who is next as James Fields jr is not going to feed the rage of one insatiable appetite.