Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Thanksgiving Pot Roast

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is what we will probably be dining on for Thanksgiving as I have had it with toxic turkeys and waiting for the big donation my turkey  hen died.

I call this the Glory to God Hazel Pot Roast as I like the comedy Hazel from the early 1960's.

1 6 quart Presto pressure cooker
I have been humbled now in the 6 quarts are superior to the 4. Oh Lord, the Holy Ghost just made me remember that I have like a 12 quart I purchased just for Thanksgiving in cooking this monstrosity a month ago, but I threw it in the shed we built. I got to go limber that baby up.

Anyway this is what I used was 1 6 quart in this one and it surprised me in TL put about an inch of water in the bottom on my direction and the thing was an inch from the top in liquid when we were done cooking it.
A little water added beef and the Presto is tight so it does not steam and all sorts of things happen.

A cheap arm roast. You do not need marbling for this and the Presto will make that tasteless Angus beef tender.

Sear the roast as that is where you are going to get your flavor from.

I onion sliced in slices.

1/3 rd cup cheap whiskey. You want the crap that makes your nose hairs curl, as that is the flavor. It is a waste to use good whiskey.

1/2 cup soy sauce

1/2 cup brown sugar packed

1/3rd cup Balsamic vinegar

3 tablespoons honey

Mix that up in your Presto and put the roast in, Pepper and salt it.

Lay onion slices on top.

Fill in with sliced in two small potatoes and baby carrots.

Pepper and salt the veggies.

Bring it up to steam, turn down the burner and cook about 1 1/2 hours. Remember a pressure cooker is cooking three minutes for every minute. I did this one at about 10 pounds and it was all fall apart done.

 TL likes sour things, vinegar things. This will be flavorful and on the acidic side with a heat of black pepper.

That is Thanksgiving roast beast. I would imagine any road kill would work too. Probably make deer behave a bit better as that stuff gets stronger in the cooking

Anyway that is Thanksgiving pot roast. It is ridiculous in ranchers prices have fallen, but beef has not, which is imported out of Brazil and Canada to US markets. I like turkey and miss it, but I get so ill eating what they inject those birds with that I am done with them. They do that to sell you water in the meat at 35 dollars a bird. That kind of price I would buy beef as LC does not do pork or poultry at high prices, like  paying money to chew used bubblegum.

I wonder now how many 6 quart Prestos will appear cheaply on my path, as they are not common, but no one will buy the things. They are for certain big batches a great deal better than the 4 quarts. That big mother I got as a back up from .......oh yeah I got that other one a very long time ago from a place called Aberdeen South Dakota and it came stuffed with long johns, good long johns for bedding. I had to fix it the gauge as the dial got stuck.....any way the culprit I got now which I have to limber up is a real character in the gal busted one handle off and is a different color. I will call it the Thanksgiving Special Presto. Have to bring it up to steam this next week to make it all goes ok and then it is beef for Thanksgiving and goose for Christmas.

Oh and if you get an old one, read the directions so you do not cook yourself, as being Darwin on Thanksgiving is not festive.