Friday, November 17, 2017

Suffering from Rape of Grandeur

No man ever wanted me sexually, but I did chase one down
hoping he would grope me......... 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Honestly, I never considered this manifestation would take place concerning Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey molesting women and children, but we now have a class of women who have appeared who suffer from "Rape of Grandeur".

The list is growing, but we have numbers of women who have never been assaulted, but are upset other women have been assaulted and are getting all the attention.

There is Ivanka Trump looking for attention in measuring out the electronic rope for innocent Judge Moore.

There is Blake Lively having a very long commentary on Harvey Weinstein.

There is Sarah Silverman now tearfully grabbing attention about that Louis CK thing.

There is Ashley Judd with the same rants about Harvey Weinstein.

This class of females "speaking out" is like men telling the world what it is like to be pregnant.

In all of this intrusion by these women into a story where real women were actually harmed or real innocent men are being harmed, there is a psychological envy, a lurking Rape of Grandeur, where these women appear to have secretly desired for some man to actually have made a pass at them, but no one ever has.

Judd in her recitation was willing in being led around, picking out clothing and promising if Weinstein won her an Oscar she would spread her legs, so it was not quite like Kevin Spacey attacking a sodomite man in his office.

Judd is in catharsis and feeling guilt over not being like other real women who resisted, fought off their attacker or at least had the excuse of shock in not being able to move. It is one thing to have Richard Dreyfus shove your head down to his cock while he is on the steps above you and recovering and Judd walking hand in hand with Weinstein into the bedroom.

The fact is some of these women like Silverman, Lively and Kushner are women that no men want, even desperately psychotic men. It must be extremely belittling to know that if they walked through a prison for rapists that no inmate would touch them.
Think of it in an industry of perverts of the powerful, no one has ever reached out and grabbed these women's boobs. Think of these women sitting around with their friends who have endless tales of men grabbing them, and they have to sit there silent or when their turn comes they have to lie with some story they read in a porn room ..........but now even that is gone as Lively, Trump and Silverman are on record in not having a story, and Judd would be asked "What she offered in return".

I do not know if it will help Rose McGowan knowing that there are women out there envious of their experience or if Rose McGowan would rightly conclude these women are as bat shit crazy as Harvey Weinstein is in getting off on sexual bullying.

Yes even Meryl Streep can not help herself in recounting that no one wanted to have sex with her which Cher can apparently testify to, but apparently Streep plays dead hoping someone will grab her boob or she chases after men hoping to get groped.

Meryl Streep recalls two violent incidents in her life that changed her forever - one where she was beaten and 'played dead until the blows stopped' - and one witnessed by Cher

These Rape of Gradeur females really need some major psychological institutional treatments as this stuff is on the street and has a great deal of money donating to democrats like Al Franken.