Thursday, November 30, 2017

Al Franken Always USO Lubed and Loaded

I'm always USO lubed and loaded.......

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Of all the interesting things to be said about Robin Williams, this is not one of them: The late comedian was a reliable Democrat. Over the years he donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates—Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Al Franken. His political commentary was always liberal, in the general sense that Hollywood is liberal. George W. Bush was stupid; John Ashcroft lost to a dead man; etc. There are good reasons why these routines are not making it into the tributes to Williams. They weren't offensive, just sort of rote, spiced up by Williams' fast-switching impressions.

I will never believe that Robin Williams was ever sincere in his USO tours as it all appeared to me as a sucker job in the US military so he could be Bob Hope and cement himself into a fan block to undo all of the garbage he spewed at Right Wing Americans.

Where do drunk women usually pass out around here?

Al Franken was a bit different. He had plans, Minnesota plans. Franken was too old to get a military bio, so the next best thing was to a pretend patriot in going on USO tours to sucker military votes to join Franken in vote fraud to put Franken into the US Senate.

That is why he was in the USO. He saw how easily the military was suckered by Robin Williams and Franken wanted a democratic part of it.


My brother Owen photographs and I molest,
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Think of it in Franken was molesting women on the USO tour, doing thee exact same thing Americans were fighting against and military was protecting Franken and the troops were laughing along thinking that Franken was there for them, and not the tits and ass of vulnerable women.

Just so this is understood, in none of these liberals has ever given a damn about the US military. The only reason liberals run up the flag pole in John Kerry who betrayed America in Vietnam or that gimp soldier in Illinois elected to the Senate, and silent about US Soldiers abused by Al Franken, is the military is a prop to brain fuck vote tards to talk themselves into voting for traitors, with a keyboard commando conscience.

 Al Franken was in the USO for political manipulation and his real self of sex bully kept coming out in abusing women.

Why the hell as the JAG not indicted Al Franken as this was a Military jurisdiction of assaults upon American Heroines and Patriots.

I haven't raped that one yet!!!

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