Friday, December 1, 2017

Trump and the American Downfall

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump suffers from the same affliction as Birther Hussein Obama as Mr. President releases 3.0 GDP growth and Zerohedge does a reality check in it is Obama 2.0 stagnation again.

That comes from Trump high gas prices raping consumers for three months on fake hurricane price hikes.

It comes from Trump fake tax cuts.

It comes from Trumpflation in food.

I have been noting certain things before all these black friday bonanzas were are being told are billions of dollars in commerce, in Ebay had a 20% off sale before the bonanza. I have noticed that I have coupons on my fridge in half off from Ace Hardware. I have noticed soda companies dumping soda. I have noticed that I got a 10% off on an order from a knife company. I noticed today that LL Bean sent me a catalog for their urban wardrobe chit of 10 dollars off if I would spend 50.

This is worse than Obama Super Depression in there are no sales driving in businesses as main street businesses are closing their doors, and all that is left is Amazon exploiting cottage front businesses.

None of these facts in sales before Christmas in these kinds of reductions point to an economy growing or one which is on anything but life support.

All of us can thank Mr. President for this in wasting with McConnell and Ryan all of 2017 to repeal Obamacare and cut taxes, instead of stealing another 3 trillion dollars from Americans in these record taxes. America had 6 months to fix things, and now that time is gone and nothing will be fixed.

All of this could have been fixed on January 21st, in passing Ronald Reagan's original tax cuts and putting an Obamacare repeal on this bill, and making them effective immediately. America with a 10% capital gains tax cut would be growing at 4% and be moving next year to 6% with low fuel prices and building coal electric plants.
That is all vanished now as the reality is what the prices all reveal in Trumpflation and Donald Trump who just delivered the American Downfall.

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