Thursday, November 16, 2017

Al Franken's Intern Raped A Girl In Minnesota


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This literally escapes all reason in just what kind of degenerate Al Franken is, and what he attracts around him.

All should now be aware of the criminal events of Al Franken, hounding the innocent LeeAnn Tweeden on USO Tour, where he stooped to writing a skit for her to act out, where the were not suppose to kiss, but he grabbed her and shoved his tongue into her mouth, and he did slobber as she called him FISH LIPS afterward.
We know the accounts of other women who Franken stalked and only after three days of this, and the threat of filing police charges did this lunatic stop.
It was not only posing for pictures while assaulting the innocent LeeAnn Tweeden, it is the reality that one of Al Franken's interns raped a Minnesota girl, and Al Franken put his grubby hands on this girl in looking to write legislation concerning the rape his employee engaged in.

Molester Franken with hands on a Rape Victim

Courageously the girl who Al Franken's intern raped has stated that she no longer wants her name on this rape education legislation after what she has learned of Franken molesting women. Courageously this woman will not let the Franken justify the means.

The 22-year-old Honold first approached the senator’s office, in part, because her attacker Daniel Drill-Mellum was once an intern for Franken.
He’s now serving a six-year prison sentence for raping her after a University of Minnesota tailgate party. A nurse, who is specially trained in interviewing traumatized victims, helped detectives build their case.
“I truly believe that my rapist would not be in prison if I had not encountered the sexual assault nurse at the hospital,” Honold said.

In watching this, Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer jumped over Al Fanken in calling for a hearing. Watch this as they only jumped because of their skeletons. Al Franken will not have the decency to resign from the Senate. This is a pervert who assaults women and a crook who stole an election from Norm Coleman with help from Bush and Obama.
Al Franken like Mitch McConnell kept the company of that pervert David Letterman and McConnell calls a convicted pedophile in Dennis Hastert a friend.
If the Senate perverts boot Al Franken out the door, it will mean they are saving themselves. If they keep Franken around like Barney  Frank was succored, then the pedophile syndicate is secure enough and not feeling the Andrew Breitbart heat.

Think about his in Al Franken molested an innocent woman while sleeping and using the US military as cover, while cheating on his wife and country. Al Franken then hired a rapist, who raped one of his young constituents,  and then Franken used that rape to get his grubby hands on this young woman again.

What kind of creature resides in Al Franken, who not only assaults women, but puts his hands around while grinning in girls who were raped by someone Al Franken  thought was a great choice to represent the People of Minnesota.

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