Thursday, November 16, 2017

Al Franken Sexually Assaults America's Sweetheart

A California radio host and former model, Leeann Tweeden, claimed Thursday that Democratic Sen. Al Franken groped her while she slept on a military transport plane (pictured) and forcibly kissed her backstage during a 2006 USO goodwill tour.

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The Lame Cherry is very distressed at the news that Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, who used vote fraud with George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama to steal the seat from Jewish Republican Norm Coleman, a Conservative in 2008, has stooped to something worse than groping the Virgin Mary.

The American treasure assaulted was LeeAnn Tweeden, America's Sweetheart, who was at the time tirelessly working for the People of America, in placing herself in danger, visiting the lands of Islamic terror to bring smiles to United States Soldiers in war zones.
This brave woman, who is remarkable in the melding of her ethnic background, pulled herself up and on her own became a success in the entertainment industry all in hard work.


 America's Sweetheart LeeAnn Tweeden

To think that Al Franken took advantage of a sleeping American Heroine and abused her is just beyond reprehensible, it is criminal. It is that much worse in Ms. Tweeden was placing herself in jeopardy for the American Military.

Franken is even more disgusting, as he was married, so he abuses not only American Heroines, but cheats on his wife, in violating all the boundaries which women depend upon for their safety.

Franken met his wife, Franni Bryson, in his first year at Harvard. In 2005, they moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Together they have two children.

It is time for Defense Secretary Mad Dong Mattis to instruct NCIS to conduct a criminal investigation into Al Franken, the JAG indict Franken, and a Military Tribunal sentence Al Franken to 50 years in Leavenworth Federal Military Prison. This goes the Pentagon as Attorney General Jeff Sessions can only provide cover for criminals and has engaged in election fraud in giving standing to the lying women who have been smearing Judge Roy Moore.
Jeff Sessions has done nothing on Kevin Spacey in pedophilia or George Takei in gay rape, so he will not protect an American Woman in LeeAnn Tweeden.

Al Franken has absolutely no character as anyone with character would have stepped down. Minnesota politics has no moral courage, as Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale would have demanded Al Franken resign, but in this atmosphere of Governor Mark Dayton's genocide on White Minnesota, who would appear but some Somali terrorist replacing the criminal Franken.
Mitch McConnell has called for hearings. The same Mitch McConnell who called child rapist Dennis Hastert his friend and praised him. McConnell should be facing his own inquiry as America's Women and Children must be protected.

Put Al Franken out of the Senate and into Federal Military Prison!!!

Much thanks to LeeAnn Tweeden in her bravery in serving America and standing alone in bravely coming out against the protected Minnesota sex fiend by Governor Mark Dayton in the powerful Al Franken. LeeAnn Tweeden is a tribute to all that is virtuous and strong in America from Betsy Ross to Libby Custer to Nancy Reagan.

God bless LeeAnn Tweeden, America's Sweetheart