Thursday, November 16, 2017

Appoint Michael Reagan as Children's Advocate of the United States

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I know God places memoirs in my possession for purpose and today I was glancing at the memoirs of First Lady Nancy Reagan, and she made a statement about the Bush's in all of the nasty things they had said about Ronald Reagan in the primaries, and how much Nancy Reagan hated primaries as it forced you to be at odds with Republicans in your own party.

Donald Trump caused a schism in the Republican establishment and those who deemed themselves the torchbearers of Conservatism in Michael Reagan. I personally was distressed in Michael Reagan taking up arms with the #NeverTrumpers in the likes of neocon stooges like Bill Kristol whose criminal hands were on Pissgate and is lurking around in the neocon shadows against Judge Roy Moore.

Judge Roy Moore is now being scapegoated by the same #NeverTrumper conglomerate by design as Conservatives hide like cowards in the shadows. Donald Trump is involved in the same Cassius intrigue against Roy Moore as were engaged against him by Mitch McConnell. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is another gem who is all for feeding the Judge to the wolves for the expediency so Roy Moore is not going to be in a position to primary Donald Trump for his broken promises to all of those voters God utilized to place Mr. Trump into power to Make America Great Again.

The very fury over Harvey Weinstein, became the reality of exposing the pedophile syndicate in the antagonists of Kevin Spacey and Charlie Sheen, which has been shifted by design against Judge Moore.

As one can understand in another deep state operation that there is a misdirection taking place again to protect the criminals, hang the innocent and bring about politically expedient ends.

It is in this, that the Lame Cherry appeals to President Trump in his position of authority to learn that there is more to this world than Peking chopsticks and Ivanka tax cuts for Wall Street, but that there are children being molested and raped, by the very powerful who by connection and threat are never prosecuted. It is in this, that the Lame Cherry states that Michael Reagan, son of President Ronald Reagan, be appointed to a Special Presidential Council to write a policy paper on the molestation of children in America.

This is not to be just some white paper, but Michael Reagan will be empowered, independent, and with full support of the US Marshals providing investigation and documentation, to interview, collect evidence and give voice to those who were attempted to be made victims by those in position from George Takei to whoever else Corey Feldman will implicate.

Michael Reagan is the perfect choice in this investigation as he was molested as a child at camp and his story is well known. He is an honest man and above reproach who would set this national lynching to a national examination as it should be, as Jeff Sessions has been AWOL on everything, except of course attempting to smear Roy Moore.

This blog battled with Michael Reagan over Donald Trump, but this blog now promotes what Nancy and Ronald Reagan advocated in healing the wounds, and Donald Trump can as President lead on the issue of ending pedophilia in America, and promoting the Reagan legacy for protecting children.

Donald Trump in his transition alienated the Christians and the Conservatives and Michael Reagan did his father's legacy no good in being so vehement against Donald Trump. We all could have benefited from Michael Reagan's voice and leadership in the right to have made the transition a Republican reality instead of a conglomerate coven bent on witch hunts.

Michael Reagan should assemble a group of advocates and a group of investigators to set a standard in the Trump administration now absent in protecting American children.

It is time to appoint Michael Reagan as Children's Advocate of the United States.

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